Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Monday, July 13, 2009

Summer Fun Part I

I tried my hardest to cherish our last few weeks of maternity leave. I kept telling myself I'd never get this time back with her and boy, did we have fun. We traveled all over the state of Alabama and introduced her to the crazy life of being on the go all the time, and guess what? She loves it!! Imagine that!

Here we are attending Hill Lile's baptism -- what a wonderful service! These two were perfect angels. I kid Allison all the time about arranging Catherine Ellis's marriage to Hill .... they would make a cute couple. We had a wonderful time seeing old friends that day!

I don't have picture of Nancy the day I visited her cute store in Auburn, but here is one of when she and Doug visited us in May -- we're so excited for them as they will welcome Dalton Ruth (and a best buddy for Catherine Ellis) in September!

Catherine Ellis and I spent a few days at the pool with various friends and Daddy. It was so relaxing that she fell asleep every time we went!

Catherine Ellis also attended her first church service (besides the picnic in May) in June -- here she is all dressed up like a real live baby doll....

We visited my Dad, Aunt & Uncle, and my grandparents best friends and next door neighbors in North Alabama one afternoon -- below is a picture of Kat holding Catherine Ellis! It was so wonderful to be able to share her with Kat & Lec!

Next we celebrated David's first Father's Day -- Catherine Ellis found him the cutest present -- isn't she already a great gift giver? This sign hangs in her nursery and let me tell you it's 100% true .... this little girl sure loves her Daddy and her Daddy adores her! She's got him right where she wants him!

We celebrated our 3 year anniversary on July 1st! It's been a wonderful and full 3 years -- and look at our sweet addition! David's Mom came up to keep Catherine Ellis for the evening while we enjoyed a quite dinner at Ocean -- yummie!

This time last year we were camping out in the Tillamook Forest, attending the wedding of my friend Michelle! Man, how time flies!

We headed to Lake Martin for July 4th and our last weekend before I returned to work. As always, we had a great time! Here is Catherine Ellis on her first dip in the lake. She's a huge fan of the water, which you can imagine we are thrilled about since David likes to fish and I like to be on the water period.

That about sums up our last few weeks of maternity leave! Boy was it fun!

Welcome to the world....

We welcomed Catherine Ellis Cain to the world, Thursday, April 9, 2009. It was Maundy Thursday and we were holding out for Good Friday, but fate would have it that our blessing was born on the perfect day! She also shares my brother/s birthday who was also born on Easter week in 1982. The past year has been an exciting journey! We are so blessed to have a healthy, funny, laid-back and precious daughter.

I've been encouraged by many friends to start a blog to keep every one up-to-date, so here goes (it's only taken me 2 months to get it up and running!). I can't promise multiple postings a day or a week for that matter, but we hope this will be a place to share our journey and God's blessings!

Welcome to our world!