Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Saturday, February 28, 2015


Alabama has turned into quiet the winter destination the past couple of years.  It's the only place in the south you can get record snow storms and 70 degree weather with possible tornadoes within a week of each other!

Earlier this week we were warned that a huge snowstorm (huge for us is two inches, let's be real) was on the horizon and we needed to prepare.  Temperatures dropped, schools delayed and next thing we knew we were bracing for six inches of snow.  The girls were SO excited.  I'll admit David and I were too.

After our escapade last year, I'd much rather be home in the snow and ice, than out trying to get home.  So I was thankful the schools closed and my workplace.  David was able to work from home - so we were ready for some snow.

And it rained.  And rained.  And rained.  It was a freezing rain with some ice here and there.  We were about 25 miles from the bigger snow 3 inches and in many places 6-9 inches.  We were so sad. But just as we were giving up, it started to snow at 7:15 p.m. last night and the girls were beside themselves.

SO excited!  FINALLY!

We let them play for a good 20 minutes while it was coming down hard and beautifully.  Then off to bed.  We told them we'd play in the morning.  We got enough to dust everything pretty well.  But not enough to last past 6:00 a.m.  Bummer.

Using snow from Daddy's truck to make the snowman

But we made the best of it and played (David and the girls, I don't do snow).  They even managed a snowman.  Sweet little, pitiful thing!

Aunt B, Uncle C, Pop, Gran, Stace, Jamie and Carrie are all still snowed in and schools/businesses closed.  We wish we had some of their snow, but it will be nice to have one normal day this week and start to get back to our routine.  We've loved every minute of delayed school/work start times and playing together!

Sweet things and their wee snowman

We can't wait for the next snow - but until then we'll enjoy our 70 degree temps and rain next week!

Mama was thrilled her snowman was still alive after school!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Run Cat Run!

Catherine Ellis is loving kindergarten - and running has been a big part of her kindergarten year.  She started off the school year running in PE - a few laps here and there each time she went - and next thing you know, she'd run 25 miles!  Her school participates in the Mercedes Marathon - a local marathon in downtown Birmingham that gives children the opportunity to fall in love with running.

Ready to run!

Proud mama

You'll remember Catherine Ellis and David ran in her school's fundraiser - Turkey Trot - in November and she ran a fast mile!  She's been running for a couple of years with me in 5K's (largely riding in the stroller, but as she's gotten older she wants to run some) so I think we've sparked a love for her - and if nothing else, it's just plain fun for her right now!

Waving to Daddy and Caroline

Getting ready to line up

And fun we had last weekend!  Elementary aged children run the Saturday before the marathon on Sunday morning - it's all fun!

It was a bit chilly and windy but her gear kept her warm!

Lining up with the kindergartners

Catherine Ellis ran the Turkey Trot with David - so this was her very first race all by herself.  I didn't think a thing about it until I saw a ton of parents running with their wees.  I didn't worry though because I knew she could do it - it was just a mile and if she ran super fast, it would be over in just a few minutes.  And fast my girl ran!

Running hard and fast (by herself!)!

We talked about running and not stopping (unless she just had to). David followed her for a bit on the route and snapped the picture above. She's got her hands in her shirt because it's cold, but it didn't slow her down.

Catherine Ellis started in the second pack of kindergartners (there were three) and she ended up being in the top 10 that finished.  She was the fourth little girl to come in!  WOO HOO!.

Listening to directions about starting slow so no one falls

There she goes -she's the little white headband to the right of the middle 

I was waiting for her at the finish line - and as soon as I arrived, I knew we had a problem.  There waiting for them to finish were Aubie, Big Al and Blaze (UAB).  Catherine Ellis is scared to death of mascots - has been since the day she was old enough to recognize one.  I was afraid it wouldn't end well.

But she surprised me - she rounded the corner, saw them and kept running until she got within a few feet.  Then came to a dead stop and starting crying.  There was a sweet volunteer on the other side of the gates (I was on the parent side, too far away to help) and she held Cat's hand while she ran past the mascots.  As soon as she got past them she was fine!

Finish line in sight!

We were all SO proud of our Cat Cat!  She did great!  She's ready to run again next year and Caroline says she'll think about it (good thing she's got a few years!).

Proud little

High fives!

Sweet Daddy and CE

Maybe 10 years from now, you'll be reading about the track star we have on our hands - we can't wait to see what the future holds for her!