Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tumbling into Two

Caroline had her birthday party last Saturday and it was a blast!  She was so very excited that all of her wee little friends came to play with her on the Tumblebus.  Tumblebus is a school bus that has a gym on the inside - it's the coolest thing!  I first learned about it from the girls' school and once I saw the program I knew we had to do a birthday party based on Tumblebus!  So we "Tumbled into Two" with Caroline!

This party was extra special because one of Caroline's Godmother's and one of my Goddaughter's flew in from Charlotte to spend the weekend with us - that's a whole 'nother post - but we were THRILLED that Caroline and Frances Grace joined us for the weekend.  It made little Caroline's birthday celebration even merrier!  

I'll let the pictures tell the rest of the story:

Cake to match her invite - so cute!

Little mama getting ready for all of her friends to arrive

Big sister is ready too!

SO exited that Team Brown has arrived - she was this happy to see every little friend!

The Tumblebus pulling in!

Tumble juice for the weary tumblers
(and pre-mixed mimosas for the parents)

Favor cookies by Nothin' But Crumbs - aren't they so cute!?

Checking out her Tumblebus decorations

Looking out for all her friends!

Aunt Lauren and Godfather Joey

A motley crew I tell you!

Little stinker!

Me and Caroline

Tumble party in action

Lots of squeals and laughter

Jumping up and down

Frances Grace swinging away

Catherine Ellis on the rope swing!

Swinging high

Flipping everywhere

Caroline getting ready to attempt the rope swing

Sweet Richmond helping Caroline

If this looks a little overwhelming it's because it is - there is SO much to do on the Tumblebus and kids running everywhere, loud toddler dance music playing - it's like a toddler club on a bus.  Insane - but they love it!  Here is a short video of the madness:

Cat on the climbing wall

Taking a "tumble" break

Throwing balls at the instructors

So much fun

Receiving her birthday girl medal

Handing out stickers to all her sweet friends

The best of the group we could get - we had twenty wee ones - hard to get them all in a picture!

Balloon time with William - this was just before everyone went into 
meltdown mode because they were worn-out!

After we got everyone off the bus we quickly went into cake mode so the tears would subside for a moment - everyone loved getting into the cake - so yummy!

The boys were ready to dig in!

Richmond helping Caroline blow out her big candle!

Trying to get a pic for the camera (Daddy was out buying candles
because I told him the wrong place to look in the house - sorry Daddy!!)

William enjoying cake!

Enjoying her few last minutes with the Tumblebus

Little mama showing us her dance moves!

Waving bye-bye to the Tumblebus - love that she actually kept her birthday crown on!

Godmother Caroline, Frances Grace and Caroline waving bye-bye

All my favorite ladies!

The Greats with the girls - thanks for coming!

Uncle C and Catherine Ellis

Showing off her belly - it's hard work to have a belly that good-lookin' y'all!

She keeps us laughing - too funny!  I looked over and this is exactly
 how she was standing once everyone had left - all in a days work!

I had to capture these sweet curls she's got right now - Mama is hoping it's curly forever!

Carrigon, Aunt Stace, the birthday girl and Gran - thanks for coming!

Catherine Ellis and her Godmama Coco - we love you Coco!

Happy birthday Caroline - we love you!

It was a wonderful day!  I could not have pulled off a school fund-raiser for the girls' school the night before and a big birthday party at our house the next morning without the help of my awesome village.  Meme and David are responsible for us having the party - they both ran every birthday errand you could think of.  And this woman below - man, I owe her big:)  She got up at the crack of dawn - literally - and started helping cut fruit, bake cinnamon rolls, pigs in a blanket, mixing mimosas - you name it, she did it.  My in-laws and Aunt and Uncle helped clean up afterwards - and countless other folks that I am sure I'm forgetting.  You hear me say it often, but it takes a village, and I truly have the BEST.  What a wonderful day for Caroline and all of us!

Sheer exhaustion!  But so worth it!  We love you Caroline!