Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Monday, November 29, 2010


I learned a new trick this weekend! I'm such a big girl and talking so much these days. Mommy and Daddy can't believe how quickly I'm changing before their eyes. And to think so many people were worried my name would be difficult for me to learn (and yes we've suddenly developed a cough overnight - here's to hoping it doesn't stick around!):

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


It's been a while since I've posted pictures of the things Catherine Ellis is up to at school - so today will be a glimpse of some of her favorite activities at school. When she was an infant I was allowed in the classroom all the time - for many different reasons - and now that she is a toddler interruptions are much harder on the class and the teachers. She is also old enough to know that the building is bigger than her classroom and when Mama shows up she can take Catherine Ellis to get ice, see friends on the 3rd floor and play in Mama's office. So, my class visits are very few and far between these days.

However, Catherine Ellis has super awesome teachers that keep us in the loop and make us feel like we're there with her even when we're not! They send us pictures through out the week and sometimes even video of what she's been up to - this is when I love, love, love technology and the iPhone! Since Miss Stephanie has an iPhone and I do too I get to see tons of video that might not otherwise make it my way - so today I'm sharing with you!

This first video is taken while she is playing in the 'home center'. As you can see she's got her house in order - that's for sure:

The next video was taken while she was in the reading center - as I've said before, Catherine Ellis LOVES books and reading - and has apparently even learned to read at the young age of 19 months:

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

19 months

Happy 19 months Catherine Ellis! Time is moving too quickly - what a joy you are sweet daughter of ours!

November 19, 2010 - 19 months

We'll talk about 19 things you're up to these days with one to grow on:

  • you are speaking in 2-4 word sentences now - most are commands like "sit down Mama", "get up Dada", "hush Cain" and you seem to understand lots of conversations - talking is something you're really excelling in!
  • you've made up your first 'real' words - bop and bove (like move but with a b). bop is hysterical to you - you'll say bop really loudly and get tickled with yourself. bove means move, you say it often when you want someone or something to move out of your way.
  • you are still doing great on the potty at school, but at home you're still a diapers gal - that's okay - no rush!
  • repetition, repetition, repetition - you repeat things over and over to make sure you understand the concept and are saying the word correctly. We work a lot on what belongs to Catherine Ellis and what belongs to Mama and Dada - for instance your cup - you'll point to it and say "Cat Cat's cup" then look at Mama's and say "Mama's cup".
  • you were referring to yourself as Cat Cat most of the time - now you've added Ellis which is what most of your friends in your class call you. Except when you all say it it sounds like 'ELLLyes' - precious.
  • your recognition of familiar friends and family is at an all time high - people you see only every couple of months you notice and can call by name.
  • you and Cain like to play and play rough - ball tossing is something that you both enjoy. Mama just tries not to watch as you throw the ball then stick your hand in your mouth - ewww.
  • your teachers have mentioned how good you are at redirecting yourself when something doesn't go your way and you're angry or sad - this is a great trait to have!
  • you're becoming opinionated about the clothes you wear - not so much about what they look like, but about how they feel - if you're wanting something long sleeve and Mama puts on a t-shirt - you're not gonna have it. At least 2-3 mornings a week we change outfits at least once.
  • you're growing tired of the highchair - you've got a booster seat but you have a lot more freedom in it and don't seem to eat as well so we're not sure what to do - but we're continuing to try. You like sitting at the big people table with Mama and Dada for dinner.
  • at night after we finish reading your books our rocking time has gone way down - much to Mama's disappointment:( You're so used to falling asleep on your own and soothing yourself - at school they don't rock you anymore, you lay down on your cot and fall asleep on your own - that once we finish reading you'll say 'night, night mama, lah eh" and point to the bed. I think this is going to be SO hard for Mama to let go of.
  • car rides are better - you find lots of things to entertain yourself with and the crying is to a minimum these days. The DVR holds your attention sometimes, but it's not fail proof and we only pull it out when we've exhausted all other options.
  • your hair is still thin, very fine and blond - we keep thinking you'll have a full head of hair any day now. And I think Dada has even given up with his special oatmeal hair wash every night in futile attempts to get your hair to grow.
  • you have a new expression almost daily - there are several charming ones you've developed, but there are a few scary ones in there too.
  • when you finish most things these days you say bye bye. For instance if we're reading and the book is finished you'll say "bye bye book".
  • the time change - falling back - hasn't been quite as bad as it was this time last year when you were 7 months old. You seem to be able to exhaust yourself quite well these days.
  • see-sawing is a new favorite activity of yours. I'm going to try to get it on video on day soon. You like to bump from side to side hitting the ground and yelling 'bump, bump' and then howling with laughter - it's pretty adorable.
  • you love the blog - watching the videos we've posted is one of your favorite things to do! They make you laugh really hard.
  • you've not been extremely interested in football or learning about our teams - we've tried to teach you war eagle and roll tide. you can say roll ti - which is super close, but you don't even attempt war eagle. You will and can say tiger though - so that will suffice for now. I think Mama and Dada are 1 for 1 so far this season:)
  • Halloween was a hit with you this year - we're excited to see how you like Thanksgiving - we're thinking since it's about food and lots of family gathering - you'll be all about it!
Every good and perfect gift is from above ... James 1:17

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Catherine Ellis had her first trick-or-treating experience on Sunday - we decided to do it small since she's so little and it was a school night. She was very interested in all the children that were dressed up and visiting us for candy - a new concept to her for sure!

We stayed home for the first 30-40 minutes of trick-or-treating and then ventured out to a few of our neighbors to say hello and grab some candy for a little girl who LOVES candy:) Don't worry - she didn't eat anything put a pack of M&M's - the rest she just wanted to hold and throw back into the basket.

All in all, it was a fun night of visiting with our neighbors and seeing the children and neighborhood buzzing with Halloween fun.

Getting ready to greet trick-or-treaters

Wait, I think I'll take some of this candy while we're waiting

Not really sure what all the commotion is about

Giving out candy with Daddy

Headed to Matt and Ray's

First candy of the night - yummy!

So many choices from Uncle Ray

Ready for the next stop

Trick-or-treating at the Hoopers

Blowing the Hoopers a goodbye kiss

Happy Halloween!