Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Mommy and Me

Catherine Ellis and I had a great Mommy and Me date on Saturday!  We got her hair cut - finally, enjoyed a lunch out on the town (Mexican of course!) and some quality one-on-one time.  One-on-one dates are super fun and something that I need to do a better job of scheduling.

This was Catherine Ellis's second time in a salon (she was two when she had her first haircut (check out the link and see how much she's grown!) by Ms. Lynn in Alex City) and it had been a few years.  She loved every minute of it!  Who doesn't love a good scalp massage, hair cut and blow dry?!

Waiting for our appointment!

 Back - before cut

Getting suds-up - so fun!

Look at the light - we had to say that a few times:)

Such a big girl!

She was really so calm during the cut - lots of new things going on

Getting her hair did - and watching the lady next to us.  I wish I had gotten a pic - she had her roots colored and aluminum type foil was all over her head - CE was mesmerized to say the least!

So pleased with her new do!

Where did my baby go?  She's such a big girl!

The back - amazing huh? It looks so much thicker!  Love it!

Her before and after shot on Instagram
Really shows what a big difference a few inches makes!

After our salon experience we hopped on over to Cantina (aka Mexican, CE's favorite type of food) and low and behold we ran into our next door neighbors - who the girls adore - so much fun!  It was a beautiful, sunny afternoon so we enjoyed the patio!

Enjoying lunch with her "favorites"

Catherine Ellis, Keith, Matt and Ray Ray - so much fun!  

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Science Galore - Catherine Ellis turns FOUR!

Catherine Ellis had a super fun birthday party last Saturday at McWane Science Center!  We love McWane (thank you Meme!) - so she was THRILLED about her party being there.  So much to do and see - we never made it past the first two floors, but a good time was had by all.  

Lots of Catherine Ellis's family, sweet little friends and big friends came to celebrate her.  She's got the best village in town - she's one blessed little girl.  And chances are if you're reading this you're a part of that village - thank you for loving our little girl!

Excited about turning four!

Vulcan Ball Machine is mesmerizing!

SO excited to see Aunt Coco!

C and Archer watching the balls!

Kisses from Uncle Double

Little Mama doing what she does best: eating!

Sweet wee Mary!

Happy Birthday Catherine - wait, who is Catherine??  
Every time I think we've got the name right, we don't ... and yes, 
I know that's what I get for double naming her!

Loving that people are singing her Happy Birthday!

Huffing and puffing ....

Still blowing the candles out ...

Getting a little help from Aunt Stace!

Still eating .....

Sweet friends, Hayes and Wyatt (Cyatt)

Enjoying Sissy's party

The Solomons!

Archer loving his ice cream!

Classmates Sofia and Anne Carter

Favor bags with all her favorites: bouncy balls, glow sticks, stickers and bubbles!

Loving on sweet Archer!

Group photo - pretty decent for this young crowd!

C and one of her main squeezes!  

The fam 

Loving on Uncle C!

C wants to be just like Sissy and Sissy is a good sport most of the time!

But, we all have our moments!

Admiring the fish ...

CE and the Big Bass

Catherine Ellis, Hayes and half of Caroline ...

Admiring the bubbles with Coco - I love how she's looking at Coco!

Bubble fun with the Nation boys!

So fun!

The Carmichaels having tons of bubble fun 
(can you tell we were at this station a while?)

Pop goes the bubble!

Sweet Hayes and Caroline!

Finally getting in on the bubble fun - thank you Coco!

She's ALL about the bubbles ... tons of fun!

After McWane we headed to eat Mexican - truly Catherine Ellis's favorite type of food.  She could eat it for every meal.  Coco joined in on the fun!  Caroline had run her tiny little self to exhaustion and slept from the time we left McWane parking lot until three hours later in the afternoon.  This NEVER happens.  She is not a transferable baby - she typically wakes easily when being moved, much less when being taken into a noisy restaurant.  She didn't budge.  Sweet thing!

Two of CE's favorite things: Coco and Cheese Dip

Little mama snoozing away in the restaurant booth....

What a great day for Catherine Ellis!  We had such a wonderful time gathering with all of our friends.  Thank you to those that came out and we missed those that couldn't make it.  Catherine Ellis crashed when she got home - post-party blues after her nap - the next photo sums it up pretty well:)  She's all partied out!  Happy fourth birthday to the one who makes our life a constant party!  We love you sweet girl!

Post party blues - no pants required, but keep those shoes on - just in case!
(this is purely for you to laugh at one day sweet girl!)