Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Mommy and Me

Catherine Ellis and I had a great Mommy and Me date on Saturday!  We got her hair cut - finally, enjoyed a lunch out on the town (Mexican of course!) and some quality one-on-one time.  One-on-one dates are super fun and something that I need to do a better job of scheduling.

This was Catherine Ellis's second time in a salon (she was two when she had her first haircut (check out the link and see how much she's grown!) by Ms. Lynn in Alex City) and it had been a few years.  She loved every minute of it!  Who doesn't love a good scalp massage, hair cut and blow dry?!

Waiting for our appointment!

 Back - before cut

Getting suds-up - so fun!

Look at the light - we had to say that a few times:)

Such a big girl!

She was really so calm during the cut - lots of new things going on

Getting her hair did - and watching the lady next to us.  I wish I had gotten a pic - she had her roots colored and aluminum type foil was all over her head - CE was mesmerized to say the least!

So pleased with her new do!

Where did my baby go?  She's such a big girl!

The back - amazing huh? It looks so much thicker!  Love it!

Her before and after shot on Instagram
Really shows what a big difference a few inches makes!

After our salon experience we hopped on over to Cantina (aka Mexican, CE's favorite type of food) and low and behold we ran into our next door neighbors - who the girls adore - so much fun!  It was a beautiful, sunny afternoon so we enjoyed the patio!

Enjoying lunch with her "favorites"

Catherine Ellis, Keith, Matt and Ray Ray - so much fun!