Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Swimming Lessons

Catherine Ellis took her very first swimming lessons mid-July.  She LOVED them! It has made a big difference in how she 'swims' and her love of the water.  She's never feared water, but now she's pretty fearless.  She'll jump right in without her floaties - we're working on teaching her that just because you can jump in doesn't mean you can swim.  She learned how to float, kick, jump in and the basic rules of swimming.  It was money well spent!

I attended the very last session and she was nothing but smiles... until it was over and then she cried - huge alligator tears. She was not ready for it to be over or to tell Miss Anna bye.  At first it was Catherine Ellis and three boys, but a second little girl joined her at the end.  They were all so eager to swim.  Miss Anna did a wonderful job - she was so very patient and calm.  So if you need swimming lessons for your wee one - the JCC in Birmingham is the place!  We're already looking forward to lessons next summer!

 Catherine Ellis eagerly waiting her turn ...

 Swimming with Miss Anna

 So excited ....

 Waiting on the sidelines ... she was mid splash with her friends

 The excitement builds...

 It's my turn, it's my turn ....

 In she goes ....

 Kicking hard

 Hey Mommy!  Look at me!

 Learning how to float ...

 Getting ready to jump in ... jumping was her favorite part

 Big splash is all that is left

 So very proud

 She's getting the hang of floating (we work on it nightly in the tub!)

So very sad it's over ... next summer will be here before we know it! 

And last, but not least two great videos of our girl in action - we're sure she's headed to the Olympics in just a few years .... watch out Phelps!

Our girl kicking away: