Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Spider Man and Pizza

I wised up this year and we're having a joint birthday party for the girls the first weekend in May!  For the past several years, we've killed ourselves to have two birthday bashes within 3-4 weeks of each other, but not this year!

However, Catherine Ellis requested pizza and spider man cake with some friends on her actual birthday and we obliged- who can resist pizza AND birthday cake?!  Not the Cains!  She had a really great day at school - it was Week of the Young Child which meant they were doing lots of fun activities and her birthday was field day! Beautiful weather, fun games and cupcakes with her classmate.

Next we headed to Dave's Pizza (our favorite these days) with a few special friends and had a round of pizza and spider man cake.  Catherine Ellis has been adamant for the past year that she wanted a spider man cake for her birthday.  Her best friend in the class, Clarke, had one for his birthday almost a year ago and she's not forgotten.  It's been the apple of her eye:)  So spider man it was!

It was wonderful fun and Cat felt special - lots of fun friends, good food and sweet memories.  What more could a girl ask for?!  I didn't capture a lot of the fun because we were having so much fun, but do have a few cute ones!

 Ms. Megan and Catherine Ellis in their field day shirts - her classmates were singing to her!

 A trick Suzy taught her!

 So excited that our friends were arriving!

 Checking out her cake (she's got spider man in her hand) with Dylan and Clarke

 Catherine Ellis and some of her sweet friends (and spider man) - yay for 5!

Caroline and Brooks - Caroline can't resist a baby - and Brooks is the sweetest!

Stay tuned for more birthday fun in the coming weeks!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Oh my, look who's 5!

Happy, happy birthday Catherine Ellis Cain!  We say it every year, but we just can't believe our wee, tiny first-born is 5 - one whole hand!  You've taught us so much about life - when to laugh, when to cry, when to ignore and when to let go - parenting 101 began with you at 10:24 p.m. on the night of April 9, 2009.  It was Maundy Thursday and your Daddy was really holding out for a Good Friday baby, just like the Good Friday baby that your Uncle Drew is (also born April 9th!).

But you couldn't wait to get here - and that's how you've been your whole life.  Yearning to go-go-go, you're busy, energetic and a ball of good energy. As the years have gone by, the carefree side of you is still there, but you're much more cautious.  You need to know the "whole nine yards" to every issue, story or decision. You're an informed decision-maker to say the least!

You're a tom-boy by day and moonlight as a girly girl at night:)  You don't want to wear dresses or frilly stuff, you want "shirts and pants ONLY."  You love sports, games and dressing up - you're as versatile as they come dear one!  This year you've requested a spider-man birthday cake, but you're SO excited about your "cute" birthday shirt.  I love the way you roll - you're comfortable in your own skin and that makes this Mama SO happy.  May you always be who you are - to thine own self be true.  You can't go wrong by being you!

You're the most caring, compassionate and empathetic 5 year old we know.  Your teachers consistently comment on how kind you are to your classmates.  You're genuine - you care so much about others and want the best for all.  You're quick to try and settle a disagreement and you deal well with conflict - while you have emotions, you do a great job of being true to your emotions.  Hard stuff for a 5 year old to get!

You're competitive - if it's a game, you're playing it to win it, you do not like to lose, but we're trying to teach you that losing is a part of life and that it's what you do with a loss/failure that stretches you as a person - in a good way!  You love chess - you've been playing for two years now and you're decent for a 5  year old - you can't wait for Mondays because that's chess day with Coach Kelly.  You play soccer, tumble on the TumbleBus and dance during dance class.  You love to run - you completed your first 5K in February - so proud of you!  Who knows what sport is next for you?

You're a people pleaser - you love it when all parties are happy.  At this age this means doing more than your fair share of sharing with Caroline - you'll do just about anything to keep the peace, but you have a stubborn side too and sometimes even you aren't up for sharing and can be just as stubborn as your baby sister!

You're smart as a whip - your Pre-K teacher told us just a few months ago that she wishes she had 13 more of you.  You're a sponge that loves to soak up every ounce of knowledge that you can.  You're never satisfied with status quo (this is the good news and the bad news, ha!) and you're always yearning to go one step further.  You've mastered counting, some basic math, letter recognition, number recognition, writing letters and numbers, measurements and most importantly how to be a team player and work well with others. You're well prepared to go to "big" school.  We hope your enthusiasm for learning continues!  The best is yet to come!

You're our game-changer!  Our family certainly wouldn't be the same without the joy that you bring! We are so thankful for the blessing that you have been and will be to those that you choose to do life with dear one. We look forward to many, many more birthdays and milestones.

We love you as wide as the sky and as deep as the ocean!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Puddle Jumpin'

April showers bring May flowers!  It's been raining a good bit the past few weeks and we've made the most of it - as soon as the rain stops we head outside to puddle jump!  I'm not sure there is anything more exhilarating than running as fast as you can and splashing water everywhere!

A couple of Saturdays ago the girls had a great time puddle jumpin' - these two never miss a moment to live life wide open!