Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

First Steps

Our sweet little one is under the weather again - a virus of some sort - so we were out of school and work today seeing the doctor and keeping her fever under wraps. She is feeling better this evening and we are hopeful tomorrow she'll be back to her lovely self. Please keep her in your prayers that this will be a short-lived virus.

It takes a lot to slow this toddler (I'm still getting used to saying toddler - seems like she should still be an infant!) down - and today was no exception! David works with her most nights on a particular motor skill - whether it's using her hands, dancing, turning pages, or jamming out on a musical instrument - they work the developmental skills.

He's been teaching her how to walk on her own with the assistance of a piano walker and she loves it. At first it sat against the fireplace and she just played the piano on it, then she figured out it moved, next she went to scooting around on her knees pushing it and just today she's graduated to being on her feet and pushing! What a big girl - we were much more fearful for her than she ever was - she just took off and never looked back.

Two things first: don't fear that she's gone back to the passie during the day - we are still firm on not giving it to her unless she's in the car or napping, but when you're sick, you get whatever you want, right? Second, please notice her bracelet - and the fact that it color coordinates with her PJ's - I promise you this child accessorized herself - is she her Mama's girl or what? Enjoy!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

If love is the treasure, laughter is the key

Now what could have her laughing this hard? Her Daddy! He was flapping his dinner napkin in the air - I kid you not. It really is the small things in life sometimes!

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, April 19, 2010


She's working on perfecting her walk - one step (and squeal) at a time - please excuse my annoying voice and the lack of video skills - it was impromptu:

Sunday, April 18, 2010

No No

Catherine Ellis has learned a new meaning - not the word yet - but she certainly has the concept down pat:

Hanging with the boys.....

David was in a wedding this weekend in Tuscaloosa for one of his childhood best friends - Chad and his now wife Jackie. We hosted a shower with some other great couples a few weeks ago, so we've been looking forward to the final countdown to the big day! It was a GORGEOUS weekend and everyone was either in Tuscaloosa for A-Day or the wedding - so it was a happening place for sure. It's always so much fun to gather with great friends - that now days we only see at big events because of all of our crazy schedules - and spend quality time together.

Most of David's friends have not met Catherine Ellis because he usually sees them when they are hunting, fishing or hanging out - activities that you wouldn't bring a baby to. So we enjoyed introducing her to the boys this weekend. She LOVED every minute - she thinks the boys are hysterical and no doubt they kept her entertained. She was on her best behavior all weekend and we had a great time with lots of Mommy/Daughter time. I cherish the weekends like this - it reminds me of the importance of quality time with those we love!

We started the weekend off with rehearsal dinner - it was late night, but Catherine Ellis hung in there like a champ - she's the Energizer Bunny when she needs to be! We also had a break-through on Friday - she started drinking out of her sippy cup! YAY! We introduced the cup to her at 6 months and she hasn't cared a thing about it since we first introduced it. She doesn't like water, doesn't like juice, so I was at a loss. A friend suggested since she likes yogurt to try the YoBaby yogurt smoothies - it was a hit! And not a moment too soon - as it kept her busy for about an hour at the dinner:)

Drinking from my cup like a big girl

Hanging out with my new buddy Chris

Cutting up with Chris

On Saturday we hung out with Corrie at brunch and then had some great Mommy/Daughter time - we went on a walk, took naps (Mommy read a book that wasn't Stats!), and just enjoyed the beautiful day. David gave me a nice break around lunch so I could get an hour or so to myself and I treated my feet to a much needed pedicure - thank you David:) Then we headed to the wedding - it could not have been a prettier day - the sun was out, wind was blowing, temp was great - just all around beautiful afternoon for an outside wedding! We got to see so many of our great friends - it was a wonderful time and congrats to Jackie and Chad Waldrop!

I sat with the Globettis during the ceremony - I love Miss Karen and Mr Chip!

I eventually moved to the grass and had a good time playing...

CE and Uncle Richie

Giving Uncle Rich a run for his money - he wouldn't let her take his flower - you can see she did some damage

A little toss from my Daddy

Congrats Jackie and Chad - thanks so much for including us in your special day - we love you both!

Mr. and Mrs. Chad Waldrop

Today was another great day for being outside - which is about all Catherine Ellis ever wants to do these days - I'm convinced she'll live in a tree house one day! We packed up this morning and headed back early so we could relax at home. Here are a few pics from today:

Helping Mommy and Daddy pack up

I can make an accessory out of anything - and this makes her Mommy so proud:)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Turning One!

We have celebrated our little hearts out this weekend and what a glorious weekend to do so - the weather has been GORGEOUS!! Not a cloud in the sky since Friday - thank you Lord! Friday was Catherine Ellis's actual birthday so David and I picked her up from school and headed to the park for a little while - she loved it!


Catherine Ellis and the force behind her swing

High in the sky

First time down the slide with Daddy

Saturday we had Catherine Ellis's first birthday party at Triangle Park in Forest Park from 11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. and it could not have been a prettier day! We are so blessed to have such wonderful family and friends who love our child - thanks to all that came out to celebrate her big day! It was a wonderful time and we cherish the times of our life when we get to spend it with those we love. (And bear with me, remember this is my baby book of sorts, so there are TONS of pictures!)

Here's a little pre-party fun:

The birthday girl

Who is that cutie underneath the hat?

Wyatt & Catherine Ellis meeting for the first time - she wanted to make sure he saw her waving!

Madeline, Mommy and Catherine Ellis

3 beauties - Madeline, Catherine Ellis and Caroline (I went to AU with their Mommies)

Aunt Coco, Catherine Ellis, and Anna

The set-up:

The cakes

The invite

Dessert table

Food and gift tables

Party time:

The tunnel was a big hit - 6 feet of tunnel fun

Still going...

Sweet Audrey came to visit and I loved hugging on her

Me and Mommy - this is the "I've had no nap today" face we got for most of the party

Next came the time to sing Happy Birthday to our sweet girl and let her smash her cake - she had a good time doing this and ended up putting on a good show for everyone! Who needs a nap to have fun?? Not our girl:

Seriously Mom, do I have to wear this hat?

Hum, looks tasty...

Believe I'll have some...

Yay! It's yummie!

Nope, changed my mind

There is enough for everyone...

Sharing with my Uncle Drew since we share the same birthday...

And I think he's funny

Yay! It's almost over and I can go take a nap!

Puddin' (Chrissette - my school friend) came to visit and play too

Getting some love from Aunt Stace

Giving Anna an Eskimo kiss

A few of the AU girls and their little ones (can you tell everyone is ready for a nap?)

One pooped party girl

Opening a few gifts after a quick cat-nap on the way home

I love my blocks - thank you Aunt Wren & Uncle Jason!

Relaxing in the sun at my after-party with Meme

Thanks for celebrating with me!

Friday, April 9, 2010

12 months

Happy 1st Birthday to our precious baby girl! Mommy and Daddy are SO proud to be your parents and we thank the good Lord every day for the blessing he has bestowed upon us - you are hands down the best gift ever sweet child - we can't wait to see what the next years of your life have in store for you and for us! You are the light of our life, the joy in our hearts and the love we never knew we were capable of feeling. Our cup runneth over!

Who is 12 months old today?

So, how much has Catherine Ellis changed over the past 12 months - let's take a little walk down memory lane:

1 Month

2 Months

3 Months

4 Months

5 Months

6 Months

7 Months

8 Months

9 Months

10 Months

11 Months

12 Months

So what's our 12 month old up to - we'll do 12 wonderful things and one to grow on:
  • eating lots of foods - chicken, barbecue (yep, her Daddy fed her this one night while I was in class!), turkey, avocados are still a favorite, jello, yogurt - she seems to like just about everything. She's also starting to protest baby food - even the chunky kind - and she really wants to feed herself - she protests when you try to feed her.
  • she's a pro-crawler - really if there were a contest she'd win it
  • she's taking steps holding onto things - walks around the coffee table with effort
  • she's extremely friendly - waves to everyone and smiles at most everyone
  • she's a talker (imagine that!) - she has almost added "hey!" to her vocabulary
  • she's sleeping most nights from 8:00 p.m. - 7:00 a.m. (thank you time change!)
  • LOVES being outside - would rather be outside than anywhere else
  • points in the direction she wants you to take her
  • can give and take things with ease
  • still LOVES her passie - this is going to be a hard, hard thing to give up
  • has 1 molar and 8 teeth - and can bite the dickens out of you if she wants
  • still napping 2 times a day when at home - morning and afternoon nap
  • loves to hand you things, either trash on the floor, toys we need to pick up, newspaper, anything she can hand over to you
I say it all the time, but it's so true - she is the light of our life! Thank you Lord for blessing us - may the next 365 days be just as much fun and as exciting as the past! What a ride we are on! (be sure to check out the slide show on the post from this morning - it's below!)