Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hanging with the boys.....

David was in a wedding this weekend in Tuscaloosa for one of his childhood best friends - Chad and his now wife Jackie. We hosted a shower with some other great couples a few weeks ago, so we've been looking forward to the final countdown to the big day! It was a GORGEOUS weekend and everyone was either in Tuscaloosa for A-Day or the wedding - so it was a happening place for sure. It's always so much fun to gather with great friends - that now days we only see at big events because of all of our crazy schedules - and spend quality time together.

Most of David's friends have not met Catherine Ellis because he usually sees them when they are hunting, fishing or hanging out - activities that you wouldn't bring a baby to. So we enjoyed introducing her to the boys this weekend. She LOVED every minute - she thinks the boys are hysterical and no doubt they kept her entertained. She was on her best behavior all weekend and we had a great time with lots of Mommy/Daughter time. I cherish the weekends like this - it reminds me of the importance of quality time with those we love!

We started the weekend off with rehearsal dinner - it was late night, but Catherine Ellis hung in there like a champ - she's the Energizer Bunny when she needs to be! We also had a break-through on Friday - she started drinking out of her sippy cup! YAY! We introduced the cup to her at 6 months and she hasn't cared a thing about it since we first introduced it. She doesn't like water, doesn't like juice, so I was at a loss. A friend suggested since she likes yogurt to try the YoBaby yogurt smoothies - it was a hit! And not a moment too soon - as it kept her busy for about an hour at the dinner:)

Drinking from my cup like a big girl

Hanging out with my new buddy Chris

Cutting up with Chris

On Saturday we hung out with Corrie at brunch and then had some great Mommy/Daughter time - we went on a walk, took naps (Mommy read a book that wasn't Stats!), and just enjoyed the beautiful day. David gave me a nice break around lunch so I could get an hour or so to myself and I treated my feet to a much needed pedicure - thank you David:) Then we headed to the wedding - it could not have been a prettier day - the sun was out, wind was blowing, temp was great - just all around beautiful afternoon for an outside wedding! We got to see so many of our great friends - it was a wonderful time and congrats to Jackie and Chad Waldrop!

I sat with the Globettis during the ceremony - I love Miss Karen and Mr Chip!

I eventually moved to the grass and had a good time playing...

CE and Uncle Richie

Giving Uncle Rich a run for his money - he wouldn't let her take his flower - you can see she did some damage

A little toss from my Daddy

Congrats Jackie and Chad - thanks so much for including us in your special day - we love you both!

Mr. and Mrs. Chad Waldrop

Today was another great day for being outside - which is about all Catherine Ellis ever wants to do these days - I'm convinced she'll live in a tree house one day! We packed up this morning and headed back early so we could relax at home. Here are a few pics from today:

Helping Mommy and Daddy pack up

I can make an accessory out of anything - and this makes her Mommy so proud:)

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