Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

First Steps

Our sweet little one is under the weather again - a virus of some sort - so we were out of school and work today seeing the doctor and keeping her fever under wraps. She is feeling better this evening and we are hopeful tomorrow she'll be back to her lovely self. Please keep her in your prayers that this will be a short-lived virus.

It takes a lot to slow this toddler (I'm still getting used to saying toddler - seems like she should still be an infant!) down - and today was no exception! David works with her most nights on a particular motor skill - whether it's using her hands, dancing, turning pages, or jamming out on a musical instrument - they work the developmental skills.

He's been teaching her how to walk on her own with the assistance of a piano walker and she loves it. At first it sat against the fireplace and she just played the piano on it, then she figured out it moved, next she went to scooting around on her knees pushing it and just today she's graduated to being on her feet and pushing! What a big girl - we were much more fearful for her than she ever was - she just took off and never looked back.

Two things first: don't fear that she's gone back to the passie during the day - we are still firm on not giving it to her unless she's in the car or napping, but when you're sick, you get whatever you want, right? Second, please notice her bracelet - and the fact that it color coordinates with her PJ's - I promise you this child accessorized herself - is she her Mama's girl or what? Enjoy!

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