Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Saturday, February 20, 2010

On the move....

Yes, we are officially mobile!! Within 2 weeks Catherine Ellis has gone from taking a few 'crawls' (much like first steps, but a crawl) to crawling full speed ahead! There are no boundaries and she's getting a bit more brave as each day comes. Let's just say she's into EVERYTHING and we LOVE it! She's so funny to watch as she discovers what she can and can't reach, crawl to, etc. She's enjoying school even more now that she's mobile along with her two best buds (they are 2 and 3 months older than her and have been mobile for a few months).

So, here are some pictures and video to show you how much fun (and help, as she sees it) she provides for us every day!

Who you looking at?

This is a lot of fun..

There are many days that I get to go down and see Catherine Ellis for a few minutes and sometimes I have enough time to bring her back upstairs (I am so incredibly blessed to have her at work with me, thank you Lord!) to 'help' Mommy and the rest of the ladies on our Communication/Donor Relations team. Here are some videos of Catherine Ellis 'working':

Crawling and helping sort invitations for an upcoming event

Crawling and playing with Mr. Cat & the Communications ladies

And just for fun, David got a new IPhone for work and we played with the video application today - kind of cool, but I still like my Flip. This is a peek into morning play time with Daddy (excuse his Elvis look, he'd just gotten back from early morning fishing):

Morning play time

Hope everyone had a great Saturday. We enjoyed the fabulous spring-like weather we had and tried to be outside as much as we possibly could!

Enjoying some sunshine at Pop and Gran's

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