Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Oh Glorious Day!

Wasn't this past week and weekend gorgeous? It was just what we needed as a reprieve from the unusual snowy weather we've had the first part of this year! I think we've made great strides in catching up on our vitamin D.

We've had a great weekend, spending much of it outside and it's always so amazing to see the transformations our mental states under take with a bit of fresh air and sunshine - they both are good for the soul!

We had a play date with our good friends the Farrells and their little one, Wyatt (also known as "Cyatt" to CE). We cooked out and played - always so much fun! Thanks for coming over Farrells! I was only able to capture a few shots - we were too busy playing to take photos - so here are a few:

HUH? These two are super cute together!

Taking a break from cooking to share some cookies (graham crackers)

One of the few moments Catherine Ellis shared without being prompted ....

On the move with cookies ......

Going in for a hug :)

Today (Sunday) after church, lunch and naps we finally ventured to Railroad Park in downtown Birmingham. All I can say is WOW! We've been missing out - this park has been open since late fall - but we plan to go as much as possible now. It's so hard to believe that this beautiful oasis was once a mud pit of sorts and where the Crawfish Festival was held for many years. I'm so glad the progressive leaders of Birmingham have turned this area into a fabulous green space - you have to see it to understand just how awesome it is!

Downtown Railroad Park

Lots of water ... streams and a lake

A glimpse from the walking track

We stayed as long as we could ... glorious day!

We were there with literally hundreds of people - so if you live in Birmingham, this is just one more reason you need to get downtown!!

Trying out the rope wall ....

A little assistance from Daddy

Loving the slide

Making friends ... I'm quite charming as you might imagine

Peep Pie Mama

Climbing and sliding all by myself ... hard to believe!

Walking with Daddy ... lots of things to take in

Climbing the rock climb ... look at the background ... the view is gorgeous!

The lake in the middle of the park

Loving on my Daddy

We met lots and lots of puppies

Pure bliss

Running from Daddy

Glorious ...

No park visit is complete without a swing ride

Quenching our thirst with Sonic ... oh yeah! Again, check out the backdrop of the city.

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  1. What a great weekend you all had! Thanks for sharing about Railroad Park. Embarassingly enough, we haven't made it down yet. You might have just inspired me enough to make it happen!