Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Thursday, June 21, 2012

On the move

Caroline is officially walking - has been for several weeks now.  She started taking steps by herself the first of May and by Mother's Day was able to cruise really well from object to object and walk two to three steps alone.  By Memorial Day she was walking 10 to 15 steps and once she had that down pat she never looked back! 

She started walking with her arms high above her head and it was precious.  Now she waddles and it's even cuter.  I love, love, love the first stages of walking - it's not only precious to watch, but so much fun to see how proud they are of accomplishing this huge feat.  It has changed Caroline's life - she is much less whiney and needy because she can get to where she wants to go - if she wants Mommy she just follows me around until she reaches me, same with her sister, Daddy or toys.  Cain and Emma have embraced it - speaking of which I'm pretty sure Emma is ready to be adopted.  Bless her heart.  Two walking children is almost more than our girl can handle.  We're proud of her because she lets Caroline, who of course adores her, waddle over to her every morning and give her a big, fall in your face hug.  Sweet Emma.  Sweet Caroline.

So here's a little chronicle of the beginning stages of Caroline's new walking skills.  I'm way behind on the blog - we're living life and having a great time and I promise I will catch up soon.  The longer days mean more time to play after work/school and lots more fun things to do on the weekends!

Happy Friday everyone!

Starting to walk before Mother's Day

Li Mei is near and dear to the Cain family.  She's loved both Catherine Ellis and Caroline as if they were her own. She's from China and is a member of the YW staff - we love her dearly.  The girls probably wouldn't have walked as early as they did without coaching from Mei Mei.

More Mei Mei coaching!

Getting the hang of it!

And here she is walking this morning!  We have an official walker! 

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