Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Turkey Trottin'

This past Sunday Catherine Ellis participated in her first Edgewood Turkey Trot!  We've finally gotten some cool weather - and it was a gorgeous day!  There isn't a better way to spend a fall afternoon than raising money for a good cause and getting some fresh air.

 CE and Caroline ready for the Turkey Trot

David ran this race with her - it was a mile long course that started at the school and ran through the neighborhood.  He and the girls also ran a 5K the day before in Jasper - he's been a running machine of late - we're so proud!


 Two of my favs

The shirts were super cute and seeing the children together was neat.  Kindergartners got to go first, then the rest of the grades followed one by one.  

 Lining up with Daddy

I'm pretty sure we had the cutest cheerleader there - she was very excited for Cat, but also very interested in what was going on - so many people, so many things to take in!

 Cutest wee Turkey Trot cheerleader ever

You can't really tell from the picture below - but there were hundreds of people at the race - they are just all behind that cute little female kindergartner start line!

 The crowd lining up

 CE and David are in the middle - a little to the right

 Off she goes!

I was amazed at how fast these kids ran - the first female kindergartner came in at 5:27.  Catherine Ellis and David weren't too far behind - they finished a in a little over 7:00.  He said the big hill slowed her down a bit.  Next year she's aiming for first place because first through third place receives a prize.  It'll be my turn to run, so I know we'll smoke em' - ha!

Edgewood Turkey Trot - November 2, 2014

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