Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Busy as a bee

We've been busy just like everyone else in the world getting ready for spring! We've been spring cleaning and preparing for a great party we hosted Saturday night for one of David's best friends and his fiance, Chad and Jackie! Catherine Ellis has had a big week visiting with lots of family and celebrating birthdays for friends! We're so glad spring has arrived and we're loving the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors with friends and family!

As David and I have been preparing the house for the party - Catherine Ellis has been continuing her job as tiny helper! Cain surely enjoyed her help as we bathed him last Sunday - can't you tell she's just loving it? Wish I loved washing the dogs as much as she does - do I foresee this as being one of her chores - you betcha!

Hey this looks like this could be fun!

Showing Mommy how to bathe my buddy Cain

Is this fun or what?

My Dad came to visit on Wednesday, so we lunched with him and Catherine Ellis had a great time showing him all the great new things she's learned to do since January!

GDaddy and Catherine Ellis

Friday evening before David got home Catherine Ellis and I enjoyed a little sunshine and blanket time out in the front yard - it cooled off a bit, but it was still a glorious afternoon!

I love being outside!

Saturday we enjoyed celebrating Tram's birthday party - Tram is the sweet 2 year old (almost!) son of one of my best friends from Auburn, Mandy! He was the best birthday boy and we had a wonderful time crawling and climbing all over everything at Gymboree! Thanks for inviting us to celebrate with you Tram - it was SO much fun!

We had to wear our name tags on our back so we wouldn't tear them off:)

Catherine Ellis and Caroline Draney - two cutie pies!

Having a blast - I had a hard time getting her smiling since she was concentrating so hard on climbing onto EVERYTHING!

Precious! And look at all that hair Catherine Ellis is finally growing!

Two little ladies just chatting away!

Hey Mom, look at us!

Saturday evening we hosted a couples wedding shower for Chad and Jackie - it was so great to see everyone and we had a wonderful time!

David and friends Saturday night

David and the boys listening to old school recordings from college - they were amateur rappers back in the day

This afternoon Catherine Ellis's Greats (my Aunt and Uncle) stopped by to see her and a good time was had by all - she's so much fun now that everyone spends most of their time either chasing after her or taking her outside! So we welcome all the extra hands we can get! Thanks for visiting us Auntie B and Uncle C - and for all of Catherine Ellis's new prizes!

Catherine Ellis and Auntie B

Loving on Uncle C - look at that sweet face!

Hanging out with my main squeeze - Uncle C

Laughing at Catherine Ellis's crazy Daddy (in attempts to make her smile, David was jumping out from behind the bushes...the things we do...)

High in the sky!

Playing with Daddy

What a gorgeous afternoon and weekend!

Have a great week everyone!

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