Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Sunday, March 7, 2010


Our week has been a normal, packed and fun-filled week -Catherine Ellis has been pulling up on everything and gets super excited about it - she is getting so big, I want to hit the pause button!

Yeah, I pulled up!!!

We were so looking forward to this weekend and the gorgeous weather awaiting us - but Catherine Ellis's poor little immune system had other plans for us.

Friday night we met an old college friend of mine and her husband for dinner - We usually have the best time at El Caz, but Catherine Ellis was not in the mood at all. She's been clingy and needy more so than usual this past week and towards the end of the week stopped eating most of her baby food meals, but we thought it was teething related. It was still wonderful to spend some time with AJ and Ron and catch up - they were celebrating their one year anniversary!! Congrats guys!!

AJ and Catherine Ellis

Saturday we had a fun-filled day planned with friends and being outside to enjoy the 60 degree and sunny weather - about an hour after she woke up she projectile vomited her first bottle and then I decided we might need to check her temp - 100.5 - it's been hoovering around 100 since. However, contrary to what the numbers said, she was still her almost normal self, playing, laughing, smiling, etc. so we headed on to our first outing meeting my friend Allison and her daughter Madeline at Cottontails - whew! That was a nutty outing, but it was great to see them!
Catherine Ellis had her fill there, so we didn't make it to our other outside adventures and headed home for a nap.

Resting with Daddy

Allison and Catherine Ellis having some fun

Once we got home, I changed quickly and headed back out with some of my friends and past co-workers from my time at Girls Inc. and headed to Pamela's wedding - what a gorgeous wedding and what a gorgeous bride!! She was stunning and it was so wonderful to catch up again with some old friends.

Mrs. Pamela Phipps - looking gorgeous!

Align Center
This is what Daddy and I do for fun when Mommy is away...

Today has been worse, Catherine Ellis hasn't wanted to do much of anything but sit in my lap and be rocked - which is a-okay with me - those days are few and far between when she's well - she's too busy for me:) So, we're hanging in there - no idea what this is - could be strep, could be stomach virus (lots of that business going on with her) or just teething - however, she's never had anything like this with her 7 other teeth. All this to say, please keep her in your prayers. This is the first time she's been seriously sick, not just a cold or the crud, and it's pitiful to not know what she needs/wants and to watch her cry and cry. Pray the Lord gives the doctor the knowledge and us the guidance to correctly explain what is going on with her so we can get her back to her normal self - after all we have one last mini birthday in a couple of days before the big 12-month mark and we want her to enjoy her last mini birthday as an infant:) Thanks in advance for the prayers!

Cuddling with Mommy

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