Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Monday, May 24, 2010


We've been celebrating all week starting with Auntie B's birthday. Saturday we headed to Caroline Draney's 1st birthday party and had a ton of fun with some of my best friends from college and their sweet children. I can't believe we are celebrating our children's first birthdays (some are celebrating their 2nd, 3rd and 4th birthdays this year!) - time really does fly when you are having fun!

Hanging out with the sweet birthday girl!

Catherine Ellis and Tram playing house (Tram is Mandy and Todd's 2 year old son)

Catherine Ellis wasn't always such a friendly neighbor....

Happy Birthday Caroline - we had such a good time at your birthday party - thank you for inviting us!

In addition to birthdays we also celebrated the upcoming marriage of our good friends Richie and Demi - their big day is June 12th! So to prepare them for the upcoming big day we threw a tool and gadget party with several other couples this past Saturday. It's always so great to spend time with friends and loved ones!

And last but not least we traveled to visit Meme this weekend - Meme kindly picked up Catherine Ellis in Birmingham after the birthday party and headed back to Alex City for night while we attended the couples shower - Thank you Meme! - and then made a special appearance at school to see her 4th graders! Boy does Catherine Ellis have a fan club at Stephens Elementary! It was really interesting to see how she reacted to over 30 children reaching for her, touching her, giving her prizes, asking her to high five, saying "Hey Catherine Ellis". She's such a social butterfly, but when it comes to things like this its still too much for her. She was overwhelmed to say the least and gave lots of what we've come to loving call 'the stink eye' looks to the children and Meme's coworkers. She's a mess and a half.

The famous 'stink eye' from Catherine Ellis

Happy girl rocking in her Meme's baby rocking chair (and she got here all by herself!)

Not so sure about these 4th graders (and if you ever wondered where she got the wrinkled up nose smile, well here you go)

My typical look while at Meme's school - I wasn't sure what to think about all these kids!

Just a few of the fan club members...

I liked Darius, the young man smiling beside me - I gave him more high 5's than anyone else

First try group photo, Catherine Ellis is not having it....

Group photo take #6

Who are all these people?

In addition to all the celebrating Catherine Ellis and I have been under the weather - she was out last Monday with what we think was/is a bad cold. By Wednesday I had it and by Sunday I kept feeling worse and worse. So I headed to the doctor today and found out that it's not just a cold - it's walking pneumonia and it's highly contagious - perfect for the mother of a 13 month old. But, I got lots of medicine and two shots, so I know by tomorrow afternoon I'll be feeling much better than I do now. David heads back to the doctor with Catherine Ellis tomorrow so we can find out for sure that she doesn't have it too (we think she's getting better, but we've been wrong before). Please keep us in your prayers - guess it's safe to say we've partied too much lately:) But it sure has been fun!


  1. That stink eye.. too funny! Such an adorable outfit!!! So sorry to hear not feeling well. Prayers are coming your way! Feel better soon.. take care of yourself!!

  2. It was so fun to see you both on Saturday!! CE is so precious! Glad she got to see her MeMe and give you a little break-and had a big time visiting the school-so fun!! Love all the pics!!