Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Thursday, June 10, 2010

14 Months

For the first time in 14 months, I missed Catherine Ellis's actual birthday and a post highlighting it - so sad. I'm a day late - so here goes!

Happy belated 14 month birthday sweet girl! Mommy and Daddy can't believe how you're growing up right before our very eyes! You bring so much joy to our lives - I always say this so I know for some it may seem repetitive, but you are the light of our lives, at 14 months we are so proud of you and all the things you've accomplished that we think our hearts my burst if you get any more cuter and smarter! Thank you Lord for blessing us - God is good!

14 months - June 9, 2010
(at Gran & Pop's - thank you Gran for sending this pic!)

As is our tradition - we'll highlight 14 fabulous toddler things Catherine Ellis is doing and one to grow on:
  • eating like a champ - at this point, anything goes, Mommy has tried to lighten up on her 'food' fixation and you've tried all sorts of things the past month - can anyone say cheese dip and chips? Oh yes, this is a new fav for Catherine Ellis - is she our child or what?
  • your vocabulary is growing every day - you can mimic most of what Daddy and I say to you and you just added "Pop" to your vocabulary - this makes for one proud Pop! You say "hey" or "hi ya" when greeting folks
  • personality, personality, personality - need I say more? You are SO personable, SO outgoing, and SO sassy:) Anytime we are out in public you are waving to complete strangers, saying hello and blowing kisses - you give very freely of your love sweet child
  • you think your Daddy is the funniest man on earth - EVER. All he has to do is walk in the room and you start laughing
  • now that it's summertime you refuse to stay indoors - you constantly point to the doors leading outside in any building and want to be taken outside. Oftentimes if you are not taken, a slight fit ensues
  • you LOVE water - any water - the lake, the pool, the bath tub, the ocean - it thrills you
  • you tan like your Mommy - you've already got a brown glow to you from the endless hours you spend outside
  • you love being a 'big girl' - some of the things that are 'big girl' to you are: sitting in a chair, eating whatever an adult is eating - pointing to it and demanding you eat some too, using a spoon from time to time to eat, drinking out of your sippy cup, and eating table food
  • walking - you're not walking on your own yet, but you are very comfortable while pushing something and walking - you also can walk a couple of steps from one object to the next and while holding someone's hand
  • you sleep with your passie and in the morning know that you have to put it away - away means leaving it on the changing table - you know your spot for the passie and every morning you take it out of your mouth and place it on your holding spot and clap your hands with delight!
  • your love of books has grown - you can now hold a book on your own, turn the pages, and you will point to objects and Mommy and Daddy will tell you what they are - your most favorite book this past month is your Wonder Pets book from Meme - it has a duck, turtle and hamster and you think they are so funny
  • you travel beautifully - I think this makes Mommy and Daddy more joyous than it makes you but it's huge, monumental - it means we can continue living our life on the go - and that makes us all happy
  • You love Cain and Emma more and more every day (and you're even growing on Emma) - when we say "puppy dogs" you immediately drop what you are doing and rush to the back door to go outside and see them
  • you've almost stopped napping for the most part at school - Miss Dana left you the middle of May and you've been revolting since - some days you'll take a small one, but most of the time you and Josie are into something! But, when you are at home you still nap 2 times a day - you still need it because you play hard.

Beautiful, sweet child - thank you for making our life complete - we're the luckiest Mommy and Daddy on earth. We're so blessed to call you ours!

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