Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Mommy vacation

I've not posted in a while because I've been on a Mommy vacation seeing my fabulous best friends who all happen to live in the Carolinas within about 2 hours of each other! I know everyone checks the blog to see Catherine Ellis, but thought you all might like to know why it's been a while!
I started in Charlotte last weekend and spent a fabulous, relaxing weekend with Caroline and Matt - they've moved into a new house and it's super duper cute! Can't wait until we can visit as a family and Catherine Ellis can christen it with all her toddler energy and love! I had not visited Charlotte since their fabulous wedding the last weekend of October, so it was good to be back!

Thank you Florys for a terrific time - I miss y'all already!

Me and Caroline at dinner

Monday I headed to good ole' Clinton, South Carolina - home of Presbyterian College and Sara & Daniel Hanks! I've not been to Clinton since September of 2006 - and what a treat - there is certainly something to be said for living simply (it's a small town, with a couple of red lights, 5,000 or so residents, and as Daniel would add "2 Mexican restaurants and 3 Chinese!). What a beautiful small town! I got to see all the fabulous renovations they've done on their house - it's gorgeous, the pasture where they take the dogs to exercise - peaceful, and the pool at Thornwell - relaxing and where Sara & I spent a majority of our time!

Sara and Daniel are in a season of waiting as they figure out whether or not they will move to West Virginia for Daniel to begin the PH.D program there - hopefully in a few more days they will know something and be able to begin their journey in WV - Sara started a blog to document this big possible move, go to www.outofpocketsc.blogspot.com to follow their journey! Please keep them in your prayers in the following days as big decisions have to be made - I know they would appreciate it!

Sophia and Bonnie trying to get my ice cream

They eventually moved to man on man defense

No picture is complete without Pia Pia

Me & Sara

And last but not least, I headed to Asheville, North Carolina to visit the Cooks - Wren & Jason! We've not visited them since August of 2007 - so again, a much needed and overdue visit. Wren is in her first year of teaching 2nd grade at Vance Elementary and this is her last week of school - I got to come in Wednesday night and met her at school Thursday morning to help with the end of the year party with parents and the craziness that is her life Monday - Friday! She has a great group of children and is a fantastic teacher - the party was so much fun, they had ice cream, fruit, and then a poetry reading of their poems they have been working on - she has some budding poets for sure!

Mrs. Cook teaching away

Loving on her 2nd graders

End of year party

And nothing tops off a good trip like a trip to the Farmers Market (Tailgate Market) and Art in the Park - downtown Asheville is fabulous and they've just added a great green space with a splash pad and and concert area - so pretty! I've had a wonderful time visiting the Cooks - great food, great conversation, and a beautiful, peaceful location. Thank you Cooks for a fabulous time.

City Market - Asheville, NC

Pack Square - Downtown Asheville

Wren & I

A HUGE thank you to everyone for helping me take this trip - to Gran and Pop and Meme for taking such good care of Catherine Ellis, she's had a ball the past 9 days and hasn't even noticed we were gone. Thank you to David for helping make this trip possible and for encouraging me to go on a Mommy vacay! Thanks to for Florys, Hanks, and Cooks for letting me move in for a few days and eat, drink and be merry - I'm a recharged Mommy and can't wait to see my family! Tonight I reunite with David for Richie and Demi's wedding in Guntersville and tomorrow I'm Birmingham bound! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

And last but not least, thanks for the sassiness ladies - I love you all!

End of Mommy Vacay 2010

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  1. What a FUN trip for you!! I'm so glad you got to do that-what a good way to recharge yourself. Love all the fun pictures!!