Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fall Festival

Catherine Ellis attended her first fall festival on Friday and had a blast!! It was so much fun to walk her through the stations and see her discovering all sorts of yummy foods that she's never had (cotton candy, powdered donuts) and see all her friends dressed up in their costumes. I am so thankful that she is in school where I work - I feel like I get to be a super involved parent and right now she still loves that!

We had a big bouncy and 15 other stations - she played for over 2 hours in the bouncy after all the big kids had their turn and the cotton candy just kept her going. I think its safe to say cotton candy is now her favorite food - it was a HUGE hit! That and the powdered donut station. I've got two videos from the festival and a few pictures - enjoy!

This is a video from the bouncy - it was dark inside so it's hard to see but as you can tell she's having a blast! Notice when Annie pretends to bite her hand as she sticks it through the net - when she's running she looks down to make sure both hands are still there - priceless!

This video is of the donut station - a donut hangs from a string and you're supposed to eat it without using your hands - Catherine Ellis didn't quiet understand the concept, but she indeed found a way to eat her donut - check it out:

And a few pics from the festival - thank you to the YWCA Junior Board for putting on such a wonderful event for our kiddos!

What is this blue stuff?

Whatever it is - it's yummy!

A blue mouth is a happy, sugary mouth

Enjoying face painting for the first time

Exhausted from all the fun!

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  1. That powdered sugar kiss made me laugh out loud! Aunt Wren can't wait to share some donuts with that girl!