Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Roll Tide!

A few weekends ago was Bama weekend for the Cain family and we spent a Saturday tailgating in Tuscaloosa with some of our favorite people! It's always so much fun for me to go back to Tuscaloosa and reconnect with co-workers and students from my time in Student Affairs - what a great campus and a place that David and I love - although differently - to go home to!

This was Catherine Ellis's second trip to Tuscaloosa (the first was for Coco's wedding in March), but her first Alabama tailgating experience! She had a blast! We were fortunate enough to join the infamous Reamey tailgate on the Quad and Catherine Ellis had just as much as we did people watching!

David has been to a couple of games - but I've not been since the Auburn Alabama game back in November of 2008 - the stadium has expanded and is beautiful - they've done a great job! David was excited to finally see the new south end zone and of course we had to take Catherine Ellis on the Walk of Champions - she was in awe of the stadium - certainly the biggest building she's probably seen in her short life!

The new south end zone

Cutting up with Daddy

Amazed by the Walk of Champions

Daddy and Catherine Ellis in front of stadium

Taking a break on the steps

After a quick climb to the top

Hey Mama .. and what we affectionately call the 'ah oh' face ... ah oh what's she about to do!

The climb down with Dada

Now who is this man?

Catherine Ellis and Aunt Coco - oh how CE loves her Coco!

The other fabulous part about trips to Tuscaloosa are the wonderful friends that I have that either live there or visit during football season - what a joy it was to meet up with Erica, Corrie, and Brandi - all fabulous women that I love dearly!

Brandi, Me, Erica and Corrie - thanks Dave Crutchfield for the awesome pic!

And too soon it was time for the girls and Daddy to head in to the game. Catherine Ellis was partied out and you all know Tuscaloosa is good for a big party! Catherine Ellis and I headed back to Birmingham while Daddy cheered on the Tide - what a fun weekend indeed!

One beat baby!

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