Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Thursday, December 9, 2010

20 months

Happy 20 months sweet girl! Every day seems to go faster and faster the bigger you grow - we often think it's not possible for time to go any faster, but with each passing month it does. We are about to start 2011 and you will be turning 2 before we know it! As we always say, what a joy watching you grow up before our very eyes!

December 9, 2010 - 20 months

20 fabulous things you're up to with one to grow on:
  • you can say your name when prompted "What's your name?"
  • you can repeat almost word for word what anyone else says
  • your vocabulary is so big now that I can't even begin to list all the 'new' words you have
  • you are talking in 3-6 word sentences
  • you can make all the common animal noises when asked "what does a cow, sheep, pig, frog, duck, etc. say"
  • your recognition of people is awesome - you saw a little boy's mother that you were in the infant class with for a very short time and knew immediately that she was Alex's mom
  • oh baby! That's right - you love babies - LOVE babies. Your favorite baby friend right now is William Nation. He is almost 17 weeks old and you think he's the cutest thing ever. However, you don't like to share your Mama with him (we'll have to work on this!)
  • you are cutting your 2 year old molars - the last 2 teeth that you need to complete an official mouth full of teeth
  • you LOVE to drive Mama's car or Dada's truck - you can mimic what each one of us typically does while driving - changing the radio, singing, talking on the phone
  • your love of music has now carried over to a love of dancing. If a tune comes on you are dancing and moving yourself to beat - you let nothing stand in you way to groove - not even a car seat
  • your two best buddies are Pooh Bear and Honey - you take both of them everywhere
  • your bossiness has come to life - whew! All I can say is watch out world:)
  • your favorite book at school is "Oh, David!" and at home "Gossie" - you can repeat word for word every word of "Oh, David!" correctly on each page - it's a sight to behold
  • you are eating almost anything and everything - you still prefer healthy fruits and veggies over meat, but you have some unhealthy loves like french fries - who can blame you?
  • you are in dire need of your 'first haircut' - you still don't have much hair, but the front is long enough that you'll need a trim soon - still no sign of curls except for a few big ones in the back
  • you've gotten very good with the spoon - the fork, well we need more work there. But as much as you love yogurt the spoon is a utensil that you are mastering well
  • you love to sing - you can sing along a few words to some of your favorite songs.
  • you like for things to be order - almost all things. You will line your baby dolls up in order of size, your ducks, your books.
  • you love school - so much now that when I come to get you or attend a program that you are also attending, you will let me sit by you, but not hold you or take you away from your friends.
  • you can count to 5 - sometimes it's a struggle past 3 - but you certainly have 1, 2 and 3 down
  • you tell everything bye bye - the TV, your car seat, your shoes, your socks, your bed, the dogs, your books - it takes us a while to get out the door in the morning since you're telling every item bye bye.
Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say Rejoice! Philippians 4:4

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