Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Sunday, December 19, 2010

First Haircut

That's right ... I finally broke down and had Catherine Ellis's hair cut. It was getting pretty unruly and unmanageable - so I gave in. David and I both have family members that cut hair, but Friday I decided last minute that I was going to bite the bullet and cut CE's so I called Miss Lynn.

Miss Lynn has been cutting my hair and my mother's hair for over 30 years - there is lot of history with Miss Lynn and we love her like she's family. She traveled to Camp McDowell to style my hair for my wedding and has been with us through the the ups and downs of life - so who better than Miss Lynn - plus we were on our way to Alex City to have Christmas with my mother so it worked out beautifully.

Sweet Miss Lynn stayed at work late just to cut Catherine Ellis's hair - thank you Miss Lynn!

Nope lady, I'm not letting that sucker change my mind ....

Well, on second thought this sure is a good sucker

Yep, in bad need of a haircut - unruly hair all around ...

Off to a good start (notice Honey is clenched nearby)

A little peep pie with Meme

Sitting still for Miss Lynn

Hold still, Catherine Ellis (a quote from our favorite book "Oh, David!")

A curl or two from the back

So far so good

Hello Lynn ... Catherine Ellis loved that she could see Miss Lynn in the mirror

Admiring the new 'do' and getting some lovin' from Miss Lynn!

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  1. Megann, this is amazing! I cannot believe she sat so still! Way to go Catherine Ellis!!!