Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Monday, May 16, 2011

Big Sister meets Little Sister

We've been attempting to prepare Catherine Ellis for her little sister's arrival for months now - reading countless books, talking about babies, why Mommy's belly is getting bigger and why little sisters are so great. She's caught on pretty quickly, but at two to conceptualize the meaning of a new person joining our family is hard. We've not been worried about how she would do, instead curious about what the first meeting would bring.

As usual, she blew us away with her immediate attraction to her sister, her welcoming kisses, her sweet pats on the head, face and arm - saying "It's okay baby" - so sweet! We think these two will be great friends soon!

Here are some pictures and videos from the meeting of the sisters today - enjoy!

I wanna hold the baby

Hey Caroline!

So excited about little sister

Giving baby sister one of many kisses ...

Rock a bye baby ....

Checking out baby sister

Another kiss for baby Caroline

Here is a bit of video from Catherine Ellis and Caroline meeting for the first time today - it was precious - Catherine Ellis is going to be a great big sister and Caroline is a wonderful addition to our family that we didn't even know was missing until she arrived!


  1. Sweet! ;))
    Come to my blog. :*

  2. Wow, these are such tender moments! The joy on your face as the two of them meet each other says so much, Megann. And listening to CE tell her new sister, "It's okay baby" actually made me cry. I hope this transition continues to go as well as it did this first day!

  3. Oh, tears! Love this so much. Congratulations!!!