Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Sunday, May 22, 2011

One Week Old

We've survived the first week - which in my book is always the hardest. In fact, it's gotten better and better as the days have passed! I'm feeling a lot better and Caroline is starting to go a little longer between her feeding times which is nice for Mommy:)

I didn't start the blog until the July after Catherine Ellis was born so I have a hard time remembering the first 3 months with her - it's blurry at times. This time around I want to document the early days of Caroline. While there isn't a ton to document, I still want to remember these sweet days when she's so tiny and cuddly.

Sunday, May 22, 2011 - 7 days old

So here is what you are up to after week one:
  • You are sleeping the days away - you are only awake long enough to let Mommy and Daddy know you are hungry - I think you probably sleep 18-19 hours.
  • When you are awake it's only to eat and I have a really hard time keeping you awake. Daddy usually has to step in and take you and go stretch on the changing table until you wake up again.
  • The first night home from the hospital was not as traumatic as Catherine Ellis's - we're not sure if this is because we knew what to expect or if you we a bit easier on us.
  • You go from zero to 90 when you wake up - you're not a slow waker; the second you wake up you start crying to eat
  • You are our little piggy - you were born at 7.7 lbs, dropped to 6.15 lbs before we left the hospital, and less than 2 days later you were back up to 7.5 lbs - the doctor was super impressed and Mommy and Daddy are so very glad the hard work is paying off!
  • You are starting to sleep a little longer at night and go about 3 hours between feedings every once in a while - this is so nice because Mommy can get almost 2 hours of sleep at a time when you pull the 3 hour stretches
  • You are such a good sport with your older sister - she kisses you all the time, touches you, is constantly in your face and you take it all in stride hardly ever crying or fussing when she does.
Big Sister and Little Sister (notice Little Sister's furrowed brow - haha)

Here are a few pictures from our weekend - we've had lots of visitors this past week which is always fun - Aunt B and Uncle C stopped in Sunday to play with Catherine Ellis - they blew bubbles and she had the best time playing outside:

In other news Catherine Ellis has enjoyed reliving her infant days - she loves the fact that Caroline has a pappie (which Caroline is not fond of, but we're still working with her on it because Mommy and Daddy are fond of pappies!), she loves the bop bop (bobby pillow I use for feedings) and she just discovered how much she's missed her infant car seat yesterday. This morning she told Meme while getting ready for school - "No, Meme I not a big girl, I a baby." She's a mess!

Hope everyone has a great start to their week!

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