Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

6 months

6 months, one half of an entire year - WOW! If you had told me in May that 6 months would have flown by this quickly, I would have told you I'd fly off my roof before believing it! The first three months didn't fly by, but the next 3 sure did!

Happy, happy 6 months to our sweet Caroline! What a blessing and joy you have been to us (even those first three months!) and what a delight it is to watch you grow up before our very eyes. God has blessed our family richly!

November 15, 2011 - 6 months old

Here are some divine things you're up to 6 months:
  • you have rolled over from your back to your tummy!! And we are so proud! You've been close for several weeks, but finally did it all by your self on Saturday!
  • you're teething big time - you're the resident drool monster in our house these days - still no signs of a tooth popping up, but we expect it any day now!
  • you can sit up well - you still need the Boppy for support, but in a few more weeks you'll be able to sit without your pillow - you really like sitting up - much easier to see the world sitting than lying.
  • you're starting solids this month - finally! You've shown us you're ready and Mommy is going to make some of your first foods this coming weekend - get ready!
  • you are a smiley little girl - and squealing is a favorite sound of yours!
  • you can scoot with the best of them - we'll find you off your play mat and almost off the rug in the mornings if we leave you for longer than 3-4 minutes - you're a fast rug rat!
  • you think your sister is funny - you especially like to pull her hair when she gets close to you - which is probably too close and why you pull her hair:)
  • you've mastered putting your feet in your mouth and sucking on them - you like doing this anytime you're on the changing table.
  • you had your first bout of sickness this past month and came down with an ear infection - we hope it's your first and last one.
  • you are pretty laid back and roll well with our schedules most days - we are mighty thankful for this.
  • you can grab objects that you want within reach and switch them from hand to hand easily.
  • you're starting to get really interested in your books and story time with your sister - this delights her more than you!
  • Eating 6 times a day, still every 3 hours or so - we're sure this will change as we work solids in.
  • you're sleeping pattern has been a bit out of whack the past few weeks - we're going to blame it on your ear infection and 6 month growth spurt. You can go as long as 10 hours between feedings, but some nights you decide you only want to go 6 - so we're working on those!
  • you're still sleeping swaddled - but now that we're getting this rolling over mastered, you can sleep on your tummy soon!
  • you recognize your name with it's called - and on many levels we're excited about this, especially since your hearing screening as a newborn was a big fail and then you passed and we have your 6 month followup in a few weeks - we're pretty sure you're going to pass with flying colors, but it still makes the fact that you can hear something to be mighty grateful for.
A little sister love ....

For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.

Jeremiah 29:11

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  1. Love you, sweet Caroline and can't wait to see you! Happy 6 months!