Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Halloween Cain Style

The Cains love a party - so naturally we tried to attend as many parties as we could to celebrate one of David's favorite holidays - Halloween! Catherine Ellis was finally old enough this year to sort of grasp the concept - she knew she got candy and that if she went from house to house to house she'd get A LOT of candy and all different kinds. More on that later! We kicked Halloween week off with the All Saints Part at St. Marys - we had dinner, a costume party and then Daddies carved pumpkins while kiddos played - Catherine Ellis LOVED it.

Daddy, what's that? Not so sure about the pumpkin 'guts'

First reach of the season - with Daddy close by

Pulling out seeds all by herself

Sweet C chillin' while Daddy and Catherine Ellis are hard at work ...

Master pumpkin carver and his handy assistant

After the allure of pumpkin carving wore off (and it didn't take long) Catherine Ellis was ready to dive into the other fun activities for all the little kiddos - she loved the apple bob, but didn't quite understand what bobbing was and opted instead to organize the apples - little girl after her mothers own heart! Then she went digging for Halloween worms - she thought that was the neatest thing - maybe because it involves getting filthy?

Organizing the apple bobbing station

Proud apple organizer extraordinaire!

Caroline's first pumpkin ... she was super excited about it, can't you tell?

After digging for worms ...

The Sunday before Halloween we had two special visitors, Aunt B and Uncle C - what a treat! Caroline hung out with Uncle C for a while and they just chilled - so cute! Aunt B and Catherine Ellis had a little hair trimming session and played the afternoon away. Both girls were so excited to see their Greats! Thanks for stopping by and loving on us!

Guess whose belly I'm perched on?

My cool and calm Uncle C's belly .... it's a great place to hang out, I tell ya!

Catherine Ellis got her bangs trimmed - much needed! Thank you Aunt B!

Halloween night we were invited to experience Halloween in Crestline Park and man is it a good time. It's like Mardi Gras for children - there are parties everywhere, TONS of children, golf carts with trailers of children, candy for miles and wouldn't you know it a cozy coup. Catherine Ellis loved the party and seeing all the kids dressed up, she kept saying "Mommy what party we going to else?" - meaning where else are we headed? Here are a few pics of her trick-or-treating on Halloween:

It took Captain America's daughter less than 2 seconds
to find the nearest Cozy Coup

Trick-or-treating with Daddy

Last party stop before calling it a night - Baby Archer's house

Baby Archer (belonging to Miss Amanda, one of Mommy's dear friends!) also had a busy Halloween weekend and was baptized the Sunday before Halloween - unfortunately I have no pictures, but he was gorgeous and we Cains were thrilled to be a party of his special day! Caroline and Mr. Archer are 5 weeks apart and in the same class, so Catherine Ellis pretends like he's the little brother she never had:) All in all a very fun and eventful Halloween! We are already looking forward to next year when we'll have two walking, talking trick-or-treaters - SO FUN!

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  1. Love the recap -- so glad you all were able to come!