Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas with the Greats!

The first day the girls were out of school we packed up and headed to North Alabama to see my Dad and Aunt B & Uncle C - it was a great trip and good times with my Dad's side of the family. As most of you know, Aunt B & Uncle C are like a third set of grandparents to the girls - we always have so much fun with them and they love the girls like they were their own. It was a yucky weather day, but it didn't dampen our spirits .... we headed to Dad's farm for the first part of the day and then to Huntsville for the rest of the evening.

The girls got the first taste of Christmas and opening presents and I must say it was a HUGE hit! They loved every gift they got - thank you so much Aunt B and Uncle C!

Beginning the festivities ....

This is a big one Mommy

Lots of concentration ....

Granddaddy & Caroline

Uncle C & Catherine Ellis working on unwrapping ....

Travel blanket & pillow

Monogrammed with "Cat Cat" - precious!

Caroline opening her first gift with a bit of assistance from Granddaddy

A picnic basket with blocks and music

Trying to figure out how to get it out of the package

Chilling with her new rubber ducky

Big stepping in to assist Little with her unwrapping

Where's Caroline? She spent most of the night mesmerized with the paper, of course!

Princess Catherine Ellis with her sister's picnic basket

After a great evening of presents, yummy food and family time I wanted to get a picture of the greats and the girls before we left the next day. What began as a couple of pictures turned into Marathon Photoshoot 2011 .... UGH. Catherine Ellis has gotten to where she makes the most ridiculous faces for photos and we can't get her to smile normally .... so here are just a few of the 100 photos that I took trying to get just ONE decent picture. Are we the only ones that deal with this?

Try one of out of 100




Lost count and it goes down hill from here ...

Poor Caroline - Lady, why are we still taking pictures?


One last attempt ...

Thank you Greats for a wonderful family gathering! We love y'all!

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