Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Uh oh

Yes, a big uh oh at that.  The Monday after Mother's Day weekend I was on my way to pick up Catherine Ellis from school and got a phone call "Ms. Cain Catherine Ellis has fallen on the playground" - if you know our accident prone daughter, this is no surprise to any of us.  "Oh okay, no problem, I'm turning into the parking lot, I'm sure she's fine!" "Ms. Cain, we don't think she's okay this time, we think she may have broken her arm."  Lovely.

And she did - she broke her elbow, had to spend the night at Children's and have surgery to have two pins inserted.  She has a full arm, hot pink cast to show for her good jump on the playground.  She didn't fall far - in fact when I finally saw what she fell from I was shocked - how could she have done so much damage in just a few inches? - guess it's all in how we fall.  And she fell good - good in a bad way.  But, she's all better now and almost back to her little self.  Only a few more days with the cast and she'll still have the entire summer to swim and have fun!

This is how we started Monday, May 14th - big stretch and excited about another fun week!

On our way to the hospital ... I only bucked one buckle because the pressure was hurting her arm
A bit calmer in the emergency room - the first 45 minutes wasn't pretty - had to show Daddy that we were calming down

After 4 hours in the emergency room CE was delirious - everything was funny - and for that I am forever grateful ... here she is in her pre-op splint

We finally got to our room about 9:00 p.m. - Miss Amanda saved the day and night by bringing us ChickFilA - which I had been promising for hours thinking we were going home - and clothes for everyone - thank you Miss Amanda!

Sweet girl and her Susie - she didn't fall asleep until 3:00 a.m. - there was a lot to take in and think over ...

This is right after surgery and recovery - she was super sleepy, super ill and didn't want a person in the world to think about touching her unless their name was Mama

My Carolyn came to visit - the only other person the day of surgery that CE would let have much to do with her.  Sweet Coco brought the entertainment!  Thank you Coco and my Carolyn for visiting us!

Her don't mess with me face - lots of sweet nurses got this look when they came in to take her vitals.  She was officially done after surgery.

My girl's first smile of the day - the ride home!  She had a sweet friend waiting to see her - he rode a big airplane all the way from Virginia!

Hill and CE - she was SO very excited to see Hill.  It made her day (see that big ole smile!).  Hill knows the way to a girl's heart - food - and came with yummy cupcakes in hand for all (it was Caroline's first birthday!).  Thank you for visiting us Hill!

And by the end of the week my girl was all smiles - she had a few days on the couch with really long naps, but once she felt better it was on - we hit the town for lunch one day to celebrate!

Thank you all for the prayers, cards, food, check-in's, emails, phone calls, visits and for being fabulous friends and family.  We're super duper blessed.  Funny how a little trip to Children's Hospital will put your life in perspective.  That was our first trip in 3 years of having children - sure it won't be our last - but we saw lots and lots of sweet children that had many many visits under their belt.  Sure makes us thankful for the healthy, bigger than life children that we have!  We'll keep y'all updated on how her Monday doctor's appointment goes - fingers crossed for cast off and pins out!

"A cheerful heart is good medicine." 
Proverbs 17:22

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  1. I love that you took pictures throughout to make sure this experience was thoroughly documented -- my kind of mama :) Glad sweet CE is on the mend!