Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Birthday Fun - Archer turns one!

Our sweet friend Archer turned one the end of June.  He and Caroline have been buddies since they were in utero.  Only 5 weeks apart they are big buds and actually have been in the same class the first year of their lives at the YW.  It's been so fun to watch Archer grow up alongside Caroline - I hope they continue to do so for many, many years!

Archer had a puppy dog themed party on June 23rd and wouldn't you know it was 100 degrees and PERFECT for an outside party:)  But, it was super duper fun and no one noticed the heat - especially not the wee ones. 

Happy Birthday Archer man - we love you so!

Birthday Fans of the birthday boy - so cute and appreciated!!

 Precious puppy dog birthday cake!

Archer headed in for some cake after much contemplation

Davis kickin' back and relaxin'

The girls enjoying cake and ice cream

Sweet friends 

Diving for ice in the drink bucket - so fun:)  
Not to mention a great way to build immunity!

Happy Happy Birthday Archer!

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