Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Monday, July 30, 2012

Down on the farm

We made a trip to North Alabama a few weeks ago - summertime is always a great time to visit - there is much to do and see - swimming holes, gardens with fresh veggies and lots of land to roam around and explore. 

One special treat for us as we visited was that the Liles' were in town too!  All the way from Virginia!  We were thrilled to hear that Allison, Hill and Pailet were headed south for a surprise party for her father who is retiring from his pharmacy after 30 years of service.  They even came a few days earlier than planned because of the storms that knocked out power and water - I know I speak for many of us in saying that it was FABULOUS to see them in person again. 

We had a play date at the splash pad in Decatur and our children had a blast doing what they all four do best - eating and playing!

Doing what we do best - eating!

Sweet C feeding Sweet P - precious!

CE and Sweet P hanging out at the splash pad

C is always eating - I kid you not ....

Who needs a splash pad when you have snacks?

Getting Doc to help her reach deep - Doc is Sweet P's Pop

This little piggy went to market, this little piggy stayed home...

Loving on my sweet girl - this Godmama was in heaven!

Did we mention how hot it was??  A little playin' in the shade was in order

Yay for a visit with the Liles'!  They moved in March and we've managed to see them May and July!  We're super duper blessed that Super Mom Allison drove all this way with her two little ones - ALONE!  I'm still in awe - I'm so glad she did though!  It's always a treat to see one of our favorite families!

We headed to the farm after the play date - we were at Aunt B and Uncle C's the first night and morning, but were so busy I didn't even get my camera out - I will next time!  Thanks for having us Aunt B and Uncle C!

The farm always has lots to offer, the girls had a blast and we all weathered the heat just fine - it was actually a trial run for what we would be experiencing a few days later when we returned home and our air conditioner died - for good.  I digress.

So - I'll let the pictures do the talking - we're looking forward to our next visit when it's a little cooler.  Thanks for having us Granddaddy!

Little tractor riding with Granddaddy

Getting ready to head out

Four wheeler riding

Cain loves to run after the four wheeler - the farmer way of "walking" a dog!

 Emma's not easily fooled ... she'd rather watch while Cain chases

Sitting a spell with Daddy

Little dip in the "pool"

Admiring a tree frog

Homemade monkey bars - who knew a ladder could double as a monkey bar?

Trying to reach the end

Sweet C lovin' on the beagles

Where we spent a lot of time - under the umbrella

Laughing at sissy and her monkey bar silliness

Jump Sissy, Jump!

Precious little thing!

 She's a little girl with a curl ...

Loving on Granddaddy

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