Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Winter Wonderland Fun!

Meme gave Catherine Ellis a membership to the McWane Science Center and boy has it been fun!  We love to go to McWane and honestly don't get there enough.  They have a great Winter Wonderland exhibit during December and January each year and Clifford the Red Dog is also an exhibit there during this season.  I decided to be one brave mama and take the girls (by myself!) on a school night to the Member Party a couple of weeks ago - and we had a blast!

We spent a lot of time in the Winter Wonderland exhibit - they have snow, lots of toy train displays, building blocks, a tunnel slide, a huge LED light display board and a real train that you can take rides on.  It was a hit!  This was Caroline's first trip to the McWane Center and she did not stop running from the time we hit the door!  She was so mesmerized by all the neat things to do!

Sweet C playing in the "snow"

Cat Cat snow shoveling as well 
(she was way more interested in the zipline going on next door)

The huge LED light board - so much fun!

Concentrating hard

Train ride with William and Stefie

CE and a cute little girl we don't know

Playing with our shadows

This particular station Caroline yelled "MINE!" to any child that dared come 
play while she was moving her trains around.  

We eventually headed down to the Clifford exhibit and it's delightful, y'all!  Perfect for C and CE's ages - and of course we LOVE puppy dogs at our house so Clifford as a big hit!

Checking Clifford's mailbox

Ordering from the restaurant - Catherine Ellis runs a tight ship:)

CE reading to the other children playing in the Clifford exhibit

Caroline loved the flowers 


Saying hello to Clifford's little friend

Waving bye bye to Clifford

That's CE's face in the middle - this is always a favorite!

Caroline's wee hand

Hugging Clifford and friend goodbye

If you've not been yet, plan to go - it's worth it!  We plan to go again during the holiday break!

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