Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Frances Grace comes to town!

One of my dear Camp McDowell friends, Caroline, and her daughter, Frances Grace, flew in from Charlotte, NC for Caroline's birthday party weekend and it was SO much fun to have them here with us. We don't get to see them nearly as often as we'd like, but when we do, it's life-changing.  The girls hadn't met Frances Grace yet - I went up for her baptism last April - so they were very excited to meet a new friend.  Frances Grace is five months younger than Caroline so our house was perfect for her - we had all the toys and things you need for an almost two-year-old.  

When they planned their trip back in March I didn't know that we would have our school fundraiser (for the girls' child care center) the night they flew in, as well as Caroline's birthday party, but it worked out beautifully.  It was a packed to the brim, full weekend - but when you have three little ones you keep them running so when they crash they crash (so the adults can have some good catch up time too!).  It was also Pentecost and our annual church picnic.  Lots of opportunities for running and playing outside.

We sure love the Flory ladies and look forward to many more fun visits!  Thank you for coming to visit us and joining us in our full weekend-o-fun!  We love y'all!

Caroline, Frances Grace and Me (can you tell we just all woke up from naps!?)

Backseat fun on the way to church Sunday morning!

Pentecost picnic fun in the gardens at church with the other "Caine ladies"

Sunday afternoon we headed to Railroad Park to show off some of our wonderful green space downtown and meet up with a few other Camp McDowell friends.  It was the perfect afternoon and the park was having a Neighborhood Block Party - music, food trucks, and lots of good people watching!  Caroline got a bouncy ball for her birthday and it provided hours of entertainment.

 Frances Grace trying out the big girl bike

  A little help from Mommy

 I love this picture - two wee ones working hard to go up the hill with balls as big as they are!

I have to brag on myself - since I'm famous now, ha! The above photo was one of my favorites I took Sunday afternoon and shared on Instagram.  I tagged InstagramBirmingham and they picked me up!  We were featured that night as one of the photos of the day - woot, woot!  I was so proud of my social media self:)  The city scape is so pretty and the picture looks like the girls are having a blast, but really what's happening (not to ruin it for you) is CE is running full force away from Caroline and Caroline is screaming MINE MINE MINE.  Good times!

Caroline with our two "wanderers" - they had ventured over to another quilt and 
woke up some poor guy who was trying to nap - pardon us sir!

 Yep, MINE MINE MINE - you can totally see it here, right?

Leaving Railroad Park and heading home after a wonderful weekend!

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