Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

We had a great Memorial Day weekend!  We played and played until we couldn't play any longer!  The weather was great and the company even better!

Meme gave the girls a membership to the Zoo for their birthdays - we decided to kick the weekend off with a trip to the Zoo.  Little did we know that everyone else in the five county area did as well - ha!  It was packed, but still super fun.  In addition to animals, the zoo has a merry-go-round, two splash pads and a Dinosaur exhibit - we hit them all!

We played in the splash pad first - Caroline wasn't so sure in the beginning, but she warmed up to it.  Catherine Ellis loves water and a splash pad - she was in heaven!

The merry-go-round was next - always super fun:

Then we headed off for our zoo experience - animals galore and the weather really was perfect for trekking around in the sun - first we saw the elephants, next up the giraffes, then all the lions, tigers, etc.  The kiddos were super excited to see them all in person - up close!

Sometimes it's tough being the Big Sister

Big making Little laugh - she knows all the tricks of the trade and it works

This doesn't even need a caption ....

Mesmerized by the tall dinosaur greeting us as we entered the exhibit!

Caroline making her best roaring face back at the dinos

William and CE with one of the smaller dinos

This is the best we could get - ha!

Next on the agenda for our long weekend was our first official trip to the pool!  Caroline loved the water last year, but needed to warm up to it again.  She and William had a great time hanging out on the steps and playing with the noodles.  Catherine Ellis was VERY excited about "swimming" again.  She had to warm up a little too and David worked with her a lot - she's now a fish in the water and super close to swimming floatie free!

Cat needed to pout a bit about having to wear her floaties ..

All in all it was a great trip to the pool and a wonderful long weekend with friends!  We certainly kicked the start to summer off the right way - nothing better than great weather, great friends, fun activities and good food:)

Sweet besties riding in style!

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