Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Monday, June 30, 2014

Is Swim Team in Catherine Ellis's Future?

The girls took swimming lessons the first two weeks of June - Caroline's first swimming lessons and Catherine Ellis's second set of swimming lessons.  We belong to the J - love that place - and their swim instructors are top-notch!

We didn't start swimming lessons with Catherine Ellis until she was four, but she caught right on and was swimming and jumping off the low-dive by the end of her first set of lessons. 

So, this year she took advanced lessons and learned more about techniques, how to dive, how to dive to the bottom of the pool and retrieve items, perfecting floating, side breathing etc.  She loved every minute and while we didn't have Miss Anna this year, we had sweet Zach - who was just as wonderful!

 Protective big sissy watching over little sissy (who was screaming her head off!)

 So excited about her first lesson of the summer!

 Little mama watching over big sissy - these two are just the sweetest!

 Learning how to dive in the deep end

 CE and Miss Anna (her teacher last year and Caroline's this year!)

 CE's bestie, Clarke, who came to support her on the last night of lessons - love these two!

CE and Zach - most patient high-schooler alive!

I took several videos as well - the first is of her swimming half the length of the pool and the last two are of her learning to dive - we've still got some work to do on diving - it's hard - but we're working every time we swim!

Her goal this summer is the get better at her arm techniques, swim the length of the pool and learn to dive.  If we can do all of those, she'll be swim team ready.  It's something she's really excited about - and neither David or I are swimmers, so we're excited about learning more!  Happy swimming to you!

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