Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Caroline (one of Caroline's godmothers) and Frances Grace (one of my god-daughters) came to visit and play with us with Memorial Day weekend - we had SUCH a good time!  We decided to stick close to home since I had been in San Diego for work and had gotta home late Thursday night - and it was the perfect weekend for good ole' Magic City fun!

We started Friday off with some shoe shopping - these little ladies LOVE some shoes!  And then we headed to Otey's - our favorite dining spot - and ran into Mr. Chase, who we adore!  It was a super fun first night!  

 CE really is excited!

 Mr. Chase and his little ladies

The next morning we did the Farmer's Market - it was PACKED, so no pics.  Sorry!  Ran a few other errands and napped (well sort of) and then headed to the P-O-O-L.  It was a great way to end the day! This was our first swim of the "summer" and the girls did great after warming up for a few minutes.

 Caroline jumping to Caroline

 Pure joy!

 Hanging out

 Frannie G wondering when I will get my camera out of her face so she can swim!

 I asked everyone to look at me and say "cheese" - this is what I got - crazy wees!

David had a guys night Saturday night - so we ladies grilled out and played in the backyard for hours. I charred the pork chops just a little, but if you know me, you know that's a Bates family tradition, bless us. After baths we headed to bed to rest up for our next fun day!

First thing Sunday morning we put on our running shoes and hit the pavement for a LONG walk to release some energy and made a play ground stop on the way home.  So fun!  We love practicing the monkey bars and playing on the swings and slides.

 Caroline and Frances Grace on the playground

 Precious god-sisters

 Monkey barring it up!

Next stop was the pool where we spent a good 4-5 hours and had a blast.  We saw so many friends and played and played.  We love the neighborhood pool in the summertime.

 This little mama is such a mess!  She does not swim yet, but really needed those goggles for going underwater.  read: I will do whatever my big sister does - or at least appear like I am going to.

We actually napped Sunday - praise the Lord - so we were slow to wake.  The Carolines spent some time loving on each other:)

Then we loaded up to head to the splash pad at the Zoo and have ice cream for dinner - no really!  We were three deep in the Tahoe which is always fun for the girls.  Frannie G was a great sport for enduring the love of two very hands-on Cain ladies!

The splash pad was perfect - the crowd had thinned out for the day and we had a great time running and playing.  Pure delight on these sweet little faces!  We even got in a train ride before it was all over and saw some turtles and birds.

The choo-choo train

 Watching turtles swim around

We made our final stop for ice cream - it was yummy as you can see!  

 Perfect treat to end a fun day!

I always LOVE my time with Caroline and Frances Grace - I'm so thankful they drove the six hours to see us and bond.  It's always good to have that quality god-sibling time. I'm most thankful for wonderful god-parents for the girls and fabulous god-daughters.  God is good!

Frances Grace, me and C

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  1. What a WONDERFUL weekend. I can't wait till we do it again!!