Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Mother's Day

We spent Mother's Day weekend with Meme and had a grand time celebrating the end of her first round of treatment and the beautiful weather!

Saturday we headed to Russell Crossroads to walk the grounds, visit the stables and have some lunch at Catherine's Market.  Such a good time.  The horses were a huge hit with the girls!

Caroline wasn't sure what to think at first, but with a fierce love of animals she was game after a few minutes. The horses were very interested in the girls and if they had any snacks.

Not so sure yet ....

CE was charming and gentle, as usual!

Hot mess right here!

I decided I wanted in on the fun - so I nuzzled up for a selfie with our new friend and he thought he'd take the opportunity to nibble on me a bit - it caught me by surprise and the funniest part was that I captured it with my phone!

It was an overcast and cooler day, but perfect for wandering the grounds - we were the only folks out that morning - perfect for two wild wees to run aimlessly through the fields.

We took Cain and Emma with us this trip so there were lots of opportunities for our helpers to help with walking the dogs - they loved every minute of it and Cain and Emma were good sports!

Sunday we headed to church and then brunch at Spring House - so yummy!  It was a gorgeous day - the views are incredible there!  It was a bit hot but we enjoyed a bit of shade while dining which helped.  The girls love their sweet little cousin Lily - she's such a good sport and lets them wrangle her for quite a while before she's had enough.

CE looks grown here - stop growing CE!

Meme and all her girls

Caroline is obsessed with Lily!

Love this picture!

Me and my most favorite girls on earth!

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  1. Oh mercy I love how all your personalities shine thru in the horse pictures. Seriously might have to frame that one of you. I can hear you on that pic!
    And yes, Cat looks ten in the pic of Lily. Our some books on her head and make her stop growing!