Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

California Lovin'

The summer after I graduated from Auburn I worked at Camp McDowell and "looked for a job" - as you can imagine being at summer camp with little access to the Internet, I didn't have a great job search going on, so when my good buds from Auburn said they were going to fly to San Diego and look for jobs and a place to live, I said I'll join!  Long story short, I flew out there, found a job and a place to live and the rest is history.  

Cristin and I have been friends since our freshman year at Auburn - fall of 1997 - 17 years ago - how is that possible?!?  We've been with each other through the ups and downs of life and despite the miles, we've stayed in touch over the years and see each other about twice a year - which is awesome considering she's still living in California.  She is the only room mate that stayed  - the rest of us eventually came back to Bama (though Bets now lives in NYC).  We love her husband, Mais, and her two sweet little girls, Allie and Avery.

Cristin's sister is here in Birmingham which is so much fun because we get to see her when she visits!  They decided to come Easter weekend this year and we had such a great time.  We always miss them as soon as they leave and wish they would move back South.  We're working hard on Maison, but he's a Southern Cal boy through and through.  The surf isn't big enough for him here in Bama :)

Friday night we headed over to Sam and Katie's (Crid's sister) to have an egg hunt and cook out.  It was cool, but so fun!  

 Caroline hunting for eggs!

 Avery and Criddy

 Catherine Ellis and Caroline grabbing eggs galore

 Look at all my eggs Mommy!

 Cutie pies - Avery and Allie weren't sure what to think of these wild wees!

Easter Sunday we left church and met to eat Mexican and then head to Ross Bridge to enjoy the pool.  A cold front had come through, so it was just a bit cooler than is comfortable, but it wasn't miserable.  We skipped naps and had such a fun afternoon playing outside.  We pretty much had the pool to ourselves, it was wonderful!  The slide was a big hit - the best part of the pool!  We can't wait to go back again this summer.

 David and Catherine Ellis took the plunge first!

 Little Mama loved the pool!

And the slide!  Thankfully David is tall enough he can hold her 
above his head and she won't go under - she's not quite ready for that yet.

 Caroline put Mais to work too ....

I didn't do the slide, but I did get in a play - which is huge because I don't like to be cold, but I took one for the team several times and played for as long as I could!  Caroline and I worked on floating - I am warming her up to the idea of swim lessons - she loved it last year when we accompanied Catherine Ellis, but it will be a whole different story when little Mama has to be in the water without me.

The girls had such a good time - I'm so thankful for the time we had with Criddy, Mais and the girls.  Katie and Sam were great hosts and helped with the kiddos all weekend.  We had six adults for four kiddos - that's the way to go!  It was a great Easter spent with special friends!

 Catherine Ellis, Allie and Caroline

 Caroline and Allie -Caroline was fast friends with the girls

One wiped out little mama - snoozing on the way home

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