Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Monday, May 26, 2014

Princess and Pirates Birthday Fun!

Warning - this is a long blog post!  Caroline and Catherine Ellis kicked off their birthdays this year with a joint Princess and Pirates birthday party!  It was great fun and lots of dear family and friends came out to celebrate these two in style!  I finally wised up this year and decided instead of killing myself with birthday parties three weeks apart that we'd do a joint party and it was a splendid idea - thanks to all the parents that have kiddos with close birthdays that have gone before me and paved the way with grand ideas.  

We sent our precious invites courtesy of Mr. Patrick again - and looked forward to May 3rd with great anticipation!

We arrived so excited about our friends and family joining us for Storyville Station fun!

The birthday girls!

So many princess dresses to choose from

CE was a pirate all the way!

Our pirate and our princess (who later became a pirate!)

Carrigon in her first wardrobe change...

Watching all of our friends arrive

Lipgloss - a party essential for these little ladies

Auntie B and Sweet C

All the little ladies getting dressed

Coco and CE

Coco and C

Head of the table!

The party really got started after the group photo when the guests had to go down the tunnel slide to get to the "kingdom" in the basement.  It was a like a club for wee ones - dark, fun music, games, candy, bubbles, - it was magical!

Doing some sort of dance


Mary the weest princess

Daddy and C dancing 

CE limboing 

The group getting ready for a dance off

After our partying hard downstairs we all made our way upstairs for cupcakes and tea.  Such a precious idea.  A true princess part of the party.  They took pictures through out the party and played the slide show at the end.  The kids loved that!

The banquet slide show

Getting ready to blow out the candles!

Happy birthday!

Drinking their "tea"

Love these little ones!

Mary Ryan was exhausted from all the fun :)

Charlie came to his first birthday party - such a cutie pie!

Wyatt and CE - big buds!

Uncle JoJo and the girls

C, Brayden, CE and Audrey - I went to high school with their Mommy!

Daniel and CE -another sweet classmate

Happy, happy birthday to Catherine Ellis and Caroline - it was such a fun day - a big thanks to all you came to make their day so special!

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  1. That place looks incredible!!! I want to hear all about it.