Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Two beauties and some bunnies

Some of you might recall that the girls were supposed to have pictures with Santa back in November and I got the days mixed up and we missed it.  Though it seems like I had ruined the girls lives that day - I had really talked Santa up - I promised them we'd do something fun with our photographer again soon.  

This is where  Easter pics with live bunnies comes in!  The same photographer that I had signed up with to do the mini session with Santa was doing pictures with live bunnies and I thought - why not?!  This time though, I actually read my email, wrote down the date and saved it in my calendar.  I even double and triple checked myself and what do you know - we showed up on the right day and time!  Victory!

We talked about the bunnies all week, how to pet them and about being gentle.  Honestly, I didn't know how it would go.  Catherine Ellis immediately said no and refused all week to even think about touching one. Caroline was excited at first, but as soon as big sister started saying no, Caroline was soon following suite. But, I kept talking it up and they kept listening and finally picture day arrived.

The girls had a BLAST!  They were so well behaved and it was the best photography session I think we've ever had.  It was only 10 minutes, but in the world of photography that's a long time.  The girls were in great moods and SO excited to see live rabbits.  I wondered how they would actually sit in a child's lap and soon found out they are given a little benedryl to calm them down and the girls only held them for about a minute or two at a time and then the rabbits "rested".  It was so precious  Caroline was in heaven - she adores animals and these bunnies were soon the apple of her little eye.  She did not want to leave them and still asks me every night (it's mid-May now) if she can see a bunny when she wakes up in the morning.  I think it's safe to say we made an impression!  Catherine Ellis did okay with the rabbits, but as you will be able to tell in the pictures, she wasn't nearly as thrilled as Caroline was.  

The photographer sent me the kindest email that evening telling me what a joy it was to photograph the girls. She said it had been a particularly hard day and most every child that came had cried, been scared and pitched a fit.  She said they were the most well behaved little ones she'd had all day.  It made her day and she just wanted me to know.  Isn't that a nice email?  It was luck of the draw that day and had nothing to do with me - maybe a little bit of the prepping about the bunnies, helped - but it was just a good day and I was super thankful.  

I love this last one - Caroline LOVES her big sister and bunnies -it was a match made in heaven.  Catherine Ellis was a great sport, calm and reassuring the entire time.  I'm so glad I missed Santa, I didn't know at the time that I would be able to make it up in an even better way!  Silver lining to every cloud:)

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