Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Friday, July 18, 2014

Fourth of July Fun

We celebrated the fourth of July all week long - it's David's favorite holiday (Halloween is a very close second) and what's not to love about grilling out, fireworks, red, white and blue and time with family and friends?!  We love an excuse to party!

We started our festivities off with some sweet friends at the I Love America Party in Vestavia.  So much fun! We swam our little hearts out and had a blast playing in a "new" (to us) pool.  Our parting treat was getting to tour and play in the ambulance.  Wyatt's Daddy is a firefighter, so we had the "private" tour complete with measuring our heart rates, having our blood pressure taken, etc.  The girls LOVED it!

 Are these not the most adorable kiddos?!?
All little fishies!

Happy Fourth of July from the Cain ladies!

We spent the fourth with the Cains and had a blast spending time with sweet cousin Carrigon.  She and Caroline are six months apart and the big buddies.  They swam, swam, swam and then enjoyed "drying off" n the warm sun.  We had a cold front move through and the weather was delightful!  Perfect for an "airbath."

 Caroline and Carrigon

We ate great food and simply enjoyed a lazy day together in the sunshine. The girls are finally old enough this year to stay up late for some firework action and boy did they LOVE that!  We had pop rockets, sparklers and good old fashioned fireworks.  Jamie and David put on a roaring good show with some great fireworks. It was perfect!

 We needed jackets the weather was so cool!

 Tailgating with the little ladies

Sparklers and Jackets in July!

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