Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Kindergarten here we come!

These two pictures have been a long time in the making!  We started planning to sell our house three and a half years ago.  We knew we needed to move for a great school system for Catherine Ellis and right about that time the housing market tanked....and stayed bottomed out for a long, long time.

However, we did sell our house three years later and began looking full time for a new house - a year later - we still had no home.  But, as is typical with God's timing, he saved the best for last and while we had a house we loved, next door to friends we adore, we needed it to fall through in order to find an empty lot in Homewood so we could build our very own home!  Who would have ever thought?! We won't be in the house until the end of the year, but the school system allowed Catherine Ellis to start in August with the rest of her classmates.  

So this little blue form you're seeing below has been quite the battle, but at last -just a mere seven weeks before school starts, Catherine Ellis is registered for kindergarten!

We toured the school a couple of weeks ago and loved the principal and the school.  Catherine Ellis is showing us more and more everyday that she's ready for kindergarten.  While she's been in "school" all of her life, it's still a big transition for this mama and our family.  She wanted to stay at school the day we toured and there weren't even kids there to entice her!  In three weeks we meet our sweet classmates and the teacher!  School starts August 12th so we are truly soaking up the last of summer!

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