Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Saturday, December 20, 2014


We have many traditions in December that the girls look forward to each year - and all are with sweet friends that we have the joy of doing life with.  We're so thankful for our village!

Three years ago we became a part of a Brown family tradition that is so much fun - a gingerbread party.  But it's not the kind you think - we don't stand around making gingerbread cookies or houses - we destroy them!  The Brown boys grandfather and grandmother make the most fabulously themed gingerbread house you've ever seen - I swear they get better each year and then the boys host a party for their friends to join them in destroying it.  It's wild, crazy and tons of fun!  

Caroline taking her turn destroying the gingerbread house

Cat hammering away

A glimpse of the craziness

Mama scored herself a cookie!

Thank you Brown family for inviting us to join in on this fun tradition! As you can tell, these friends had a blast!

Skipping gingerbread across the driveway

The past two years we've done Zoolights with the Carmichaels - it's a roaring good time at the Zoo (though the only animals we see are in the petting zoo area).  It's filled with train rides to see the lights, merry go round rides, alpine slides, snow and thousands of Christmas lights.  I didn't get to join this year, but David and the girls had a blast with the Carmichaels.  It certainly gets you in the spirit!

Zoolights Train Ride

And last but not least, we started the Nutcracker two years ago with our sweet friends the Solomons and Coco. Allison started the tradition with her oldest when she was two years old and they've been attending every year since.  Last year we scored tickets to the Alabama Ballet's performance and asked them and Coco to join - it was such a good time!  So, we continued the tradition this year, but instead chose to attend the Alabama Youth Ballet's performance and even got matching Nutcracker dresses.  It was so cute and it seemed to keep the girls attention since many of the children were their age.  Meme joined us, as did Allison's Mom, Mimi and Coco and her nieces - a wonderful time spent together watching a magical story unfold on stage.

 Cat and Coco

 All the sweet girls ready for the Nutcracker

 Aren't their dresses the cutest!?

 The two wildest wees of all

 My favorites

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