Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Sunday, October 18, 2009

There's no place like home

We spent this past weekend at home for many reasons. I started the weekend a bit under the weather, but I'm feeling much better after a few days of rest. David and his father went fishing in Slidell, LA for red fish, so my mother came up to visit and help out in his absence. We stayed at the house all weekend and rested. It was a wonderful weekend to spend indoors considering it's been windy and cold (low in the 30s at night). Fall is arriving, finally!

Meme and Catherine Ellis had a big time -- I think they secretly wished I felt like being gone and they could have had the place to themselves! She sure loves her Meme! And I'm so blessed to have such an involved and caring mother - she took care of me and loved on me this weekend and helped a TON around the house. Thank you Mom for being so wonderful! We miss you already!

Catherine Ellis and Meme

My Aunt and Uncle stopped in on Sunday on their way back from the Auburn game to visit with Catherine Ellis -- they have not seen her in a few weeks -- and boy did Catherine Ellis have a great time catching up with them. We saved her first 'meal' of the day for Aunt B to feed her and they had a blast. Here are some pics:

Auntie B feeding Catherine Ellis

Cutest dirty face ever!

Happy eater

Open wide...

In the previous posts I've mentioned how funny she acts while eating -- we can't put the food in her mouth fast enough (she is a baby after her mother's own heart!). So, while she's waiting for the next bite, she kicks her legs in anticipation. It's quite funny....here's a look....

Loving from my Auntie B

Hope you all had a great weekend!

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