Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Saturday, October 3, 2009

A visit from the Hendersons

One of my best friends and former roommate in San Diego came to visit and meet Catherine Ellis this past Thursday. What a treat! Cristin and I met as freshman at Auburn when she lived across from me in the dorm --we've been friends ever since. We were trying to count up the number of years we've known each other and decided it's been 12 years! It scared us; it still feels like just yesterday that we were students at Auburn. What a wonderful friendship!

The last time Maison and Criddy 'saw' Catherine Ellis she was snug in my tummy and moving up a storm -- we went to AJ's wedding in Mobile as my last road trip before having Catherine Ellis! Needless to say, Catherine Ellis has grown a bit since they last 'saw' her. It's always a treat to share your children with those you love. We've been so lucky this year to see Criddy and Mais twice in one year. We're hoping for a trip to sunny Callie soon.

Thanks for visiting us Aunt Criddy and Uncle Mais -- hope to see you again soon.

Criddy and Catherine Ellis

Me, Catherine Ellis, Criddy & Mais

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