Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Spooky Spider

Since David & I are traveling this weekend to North Carolina for Caroline's big day we decided to do Halloween a few days early.....well Catherine Ellis was not in the mood for the early celebration. We think she might finally be cutting a tooth or she could just still be under the weather from our little stomach virus we both had Monday & Tuesday - happy to report we're still alive, although my status was debatable for a while - Mommy got it much worse than Catherine Ellis.

David hurried home to carve one of our 4 gorgeous pumpkins - doesn't Mr. Pumpkin look awesome?

We have been excited for a week now about her costume - I ordered it online, so I was a bit nervous if it would fit - and we were so pleased that it looked so cute. However, she had different thoughts. I will give her the benefit of the doubt - it was close to her bedtime and she'd had a full day - so she let us know real quick this was going to be a short photo shoot. Our neighbor, Uncle Ray, came over to help and we had fun!

This is how we started the night, skeptical and in Mommy arms - we warmed up to the idea after a few minutes.

Shhh Mommy, I don't want to play dress up tonight

Warming up for the photo shoot

Are you serious Mom?

Maybe this isn't so bad.....

Nope, it's bad....

Hey Mommy, I'm a spooky spider!

Happy Halloween!

Well hello again Mr. Pumpkin

I'm a spider that might bite!

I had to post this next picture - I wish you could have seen us trying to make her laugh and smile, we were pulling out every trick in the bag and it was not working. David looked like a crazy man making her laugh and I just lost it, I almost cried I was laughing so hard......

Dying laughing...

Yeah - we are almost finished..

Catherine Ellis & Uncle Ray Ray

We're finished!

And one final picture from the Fall Festival at school last Friday - she was much happier about Thanksgiving than she has been about Halloween - maybe it's because there is a lot more food involved? I tell you, a child after her mothers own heart.

Happy Halloween!


  1. That costume is fantastic!! And thank you for sending me this link -- now I don't have to wait for our monthly two hour long phone convos!

  2. She is sooooo cute!!! Love that spider costume! And you got a lot of good pics of her! We tried forever and only got about 1 or 2 where Hayes was looking at the camera. Hope y'all are doing well! I wanted to check and see what was the latest w/CE's school. Email me when you have a chance-amywkennedy@gmail.com