Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Football & Friends

Catherine Ellis and I visited Auburn this weekend for Homecoming. It was the perfect kid-friendly weekend - the weather was great, the crowd was small and it was so good to be back in Auburn. David didn't join us, instead he headed to Tuscaloosa for the big game against LSU. We certainly missed him! This was the first football game we've all attended this season and it was a great weather weekend to make the trips.

Catherine Ellis and I arrived early in the evening Friday and had a play date with one of my great friends Allison and her son Hill. Allison married David and me and we've been great friends for over 10 years - it's so wonderful to see her when our schedules allow and I hope our little ones will be great friends as they grow up.

Allison, Catherine Ellis, Hill & Me

Allison & Catherine Ellis

Playtime in the RV

Of course we had to eat a bite after our visit, so Aunt B fed Catherine Ellis her peas - she loved every bite! We are so thankful we have a good eater.

I love peas!

It got cool after the sun set, so we pulled out our tailgating blanket that Miss Susan's mother made for us - it's a fabulous gift and much used this time of year. One side is Auburn and the other Alabama. Of course we used the Auburn side this weekend.

Thank you Robinson Family!

I left Catherine Ellis with Aunt B and Uncle C while I attended Summer's baby shower - I don't have any pictures - but hope to steal one in the next day or some from some of the other girls blogs. It was wonderful to see all of my college gals and catch up. Congrats to Summer, Gary and Henry! We are so excited for them!

Saturday started off with a stroller ride to Heritage Park for all sorts of food sampling - Catherine Ellis decided she needed a morning nap - so nap we did.

Morning siesta - preparation for the big game!

Aunt B and Catherine Ellis

Drying out - Catherine Ellis had her first Bloody Mary (Uncle C left his in the stroller cup holder and the rest is history!)

Aubie Dress (Thanks Nancy!)

Catherine Ellis's ride to the stadium

First Football Game

Touchdown Auburn! (amazingly the noise never bothered her)

Thank you Andrew and Kim for our tickets and to Aunt B and Uncle C for hosting us! We had a really wonderful time!

We didn't forget about David and the Alabama game - we supported both teams Saturday! Alabama played a great game against LSU and we are happy that our house is a happy house again this week:)

Go Bama!

After the Alabama game we headed home towards Alex City and spent the night with my mother - it was so wonderful to see her! We attended church this morning and Meme had a great time showing Catherine Ellis off - it's always so wonderful to go home.

Happy November!

I ended the weekend with a birthday lunch for my dear friend Amanda - she turned the big 30! What a gorgeous day for a birthday. I'm so blessed to have Amanda's friendship - she's one in a million!

Happy Birthday Amanda!

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