Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Bountiful Blessings!

Warning: Long Post!

What a wonderful Thanksgiving we have had! It's been a time of play, rest and family time - all which have been a blessing to us. We've been in Jasper for the long weekend. David's family is big and most of them live here in town - we had several visitors and even a welcoming party for us when we arrived on Thursday - here are a few pics from Catherine Ellis's first Thanksgiving (you will notice she is still recovering from the croup, but she was a trooper!):

Are you for real - I'm not in the mood for pictures!

My Thanksgiving outfit

Aunt Stace feeding CE

I love sweet potatoes

Meeting cousins Jackson & Jake

We were so excited about the Iron Bowl - as many of you know Catherine Ellis is the product of a divided household - Daddy is an Alabama graduate and Mommy is an Auburn graduate - so she's a fan of both teams. We started off with a hearty breakfast - cheering on our teams is not for the lighthearted - and then we started our First Iron Bowl with Catherine Ellis:

Playing at breakfast

Trampoline jumping with a nervous Daddy

We are jumping high

Hey Mommy!

Getting loving from my Gran during the pre-game

Yay Auburn - Thank you Aunt B & Uncle C!

Future AU cheerleader??

Divided baby

Yay teams!

Go teams...Go!

Look at that play...


Working on bye-bye

Future college student - but which college?

Today (Saturday) David, Catherine Ellis and I packed up and headed to camp to see the new Chapel and visit some old friends. It was a red letter day - perfect weather, perfect time and Catherine Ellis loved every single minute! We're so excited about her upcoming baptism at camp on January 10th!

These next pictures are from our day but are also for all my dear camp friends that check this blog that might be wondering how our old stomping ground has changed - so bare with me on all the pics!

My first Camp McDowell visit - 7 months old

Front of St. Francis Chapel

Side view

St. Francis of Assisi

Swinging with Daddy

Swinging with Mommy

Just a swingin'

Pooped from my Camp trip...

And if you're a Camp alum you know no trip to Camp is complete without a trip to:

Fill your Gizzard at the Slick Lizard

In front of the neon lizard - CE is thrilled....

Goodbye Nauvoo - oh how we've missed you....

And to end our great day we stopped by one of David's best friends - Joey - parent's house - Karen and Chip. It was so wonderful to see them - Catherine Ellis loved her visit and the gorgeous Globetti Christmas trees were a big hit with her!

Catherine Ellis & Miss Karen

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