Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

8 Months, 31 years

That's right - Catherine Ellis is 8 months and I'm no longer a member of the 30 and under club - however, we're not sad, we're glad and we've had a great week around the Cain house.

My birthday was super special last week and the best gift was having Catherine Ellis's last hearing test and her passing with flying colors - she even heard sounds that most children do not hear until they are 12 months or older. Thank you Lord! So, we're finished with the waiting and elated that she's okay.

Waiting to pass my hearing test!

December 9, 2009 - 8 months

So what is life like with an 8 month old:
  • constant jabbering and talking - she's saying dada, gaga, some m sounds - but mostly it's just a series of dada dada dada. So, I'm trying to take full advantage, like in the mornings I'll say "David, she's calling you, she wants you to come get her!" and of course he loves it.
  • She's got 2 bottom teeth and is currently cutting some of her top teeth.
  • She's eating stage 2 foods and is trying all sort of combinations - yogurt and fruit, yogurt and veggies, potatoes, spinach, apricots, raspberries, you name it we're giving it a try and so far she seems to like it all - imagine that!
  • She can sit up very well - but still loses her balance from time to time.
  • She is making no attempt to crawl. In fact, she hates tummie time and every time we put her on her tummie, she rolls over to her back.
  • Her fine motor skills are improving - she can take objects and move them with relative ease. She understands the concepts of some hand eye coordination games - dropping the ball in the top of the basket and making the music play.
  • She continues to be THE happiest baby we know - we are so blessed.
  • She's loving daycare more and more and really enjoying the social interaction.
  • She's officially been sick now and to the doctor for her first sick visit at 7 1/2 months. She's had the croup and she was just diagnosed with RSV today - so keep her in your prayers. It's an upper and lower respiratory infection, but can worsen into bronchiolitis or pneumonia, so we've got to keep an eye on her.
  • She still enjoys the exersaucer from time to time, but her new favorite place is on the floor on a palette so she can grab Cain or whatever toy she wants.
  • She loves loves loves Moosey Moose and Mr. Zee on Nick Junior. They mesmerize her.
  • She waves hello and goodbye at the appropriate times (most of the time) - her hello is simply lifting her arm up and opening her hand - no wave. And goodbye is several waves.
  • Her personality is beginning to shine through -she's quite the feisty little stinker and lets you know what she thinks immediately - especially if something isn't going the way she thinks it ought to - I have NO idea where she gets this (haha!).
  • She's beginning to gain weight and hold her own - she weighed 18 lbs today when we weighed in - but she's still wearing 6 month clothes - her height is continuing to make her long and lean (with a small belly that is precious!)
We continue to be amazed at our little creation. God has been so good and we're still in awe at how quickly the days pass.

It snowed (in AL this means less than 1/2 an inch) this past weekend and we had a great morning taking family pics for our Christmas card - so even if you can't see the snow in our Christmas cards indulge me and say - oh how cute! Because it was cold and Catherine Ellis was a trooper (we were outside maybe 5 minutes, but got some great shots!).

We also picked out our Christmas tree and since this is Catherine Ellis's first Christmas I had to document it with my cool birthday gift (an HD Flip - love it!!). Enjoy!!

Picking out my first Christmas Tree

Our little elf helping put on the lights

Cutest Elf ever!

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  1. Sorry to hear about the RSV! Hope she rebounds quickly! Will be thinking of you guys. Happy belated birthday!